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Moving On From The Noughties


Michael Broadbridge

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Moving On From The Noughties

Moving on from the Noughties
The Game
The Athletes
The Coaching

Head Coach Head Coach
Head Coach Assistant Senior Assistant
Special Teams Kick Ins/Zones
Assistant Special Teams Stoppage Coach
Defensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Line
Defensive Backs "One on One" Backs
Defensive Assistant
Linebackers Ruck
Tight Ends
Offensive Coordinator Offensive Coordinator
Offensive Assistant Interchange Coordinator
Offensive Line Front 4
Quarterbacks Midfield Coordinator
Wide Recievers Wings and Half Forwards
Secondary "Lay Off" Backs
2000 2009

Head Coach Head Coach
3 x Assistant Senior Assistant
3 x Assistant
Reserves Coach
Development Manager
High Performance
Eg Improving Decision Making
What is Efficiency?
Eg Correcting KickingTechnique
The Plan
Be Patient
Michael Broadbridge
WAFC Coaching Ambassador
The Game
The Athlete
The Coach
League football operations manager Adrian Anderson suspected the increases in hamstring and shoulder injuries were both related to the rising pace of the game, with the AFL conducting research projects in both areas.

"The hamstring is the number one (problem) and soft tissue injuries," Mr Anderson said.

"That's part of why we're looking closely at whether there's any link with the increase in use of the interchange in recent years and there's a project specifically to look at that."

On average, each club lost players for 25.8 games per season to hamstring injuries last year, by far the most of any injury type.

He said, along with the use of interchange, tackling rates had also jumped sharply in recent seasons, which could be behind the increase in shoulder injuries, the subject of a separate research project.

"What would be looked at in terms of shoulder injuries is the rate of tackling has pretty much doubled what it was in 2000 and 2001," Mr Anderson said.

"[It will also look at] the technique being used in tackling and the speed of players when they hit each other and bump each other."
History and Predictions
Where to from here?
1st significant decline in HB efficiency - will this trend continue?
Social Networking:
You tube
Continuous motion

The Coaching Challenge:

"Embed System into Random"
Altitude Camps/Chambers
New Facilities
Travel routines
Cross training
Match simulation starting earlier
Devote more time to "off the ball" decision making
"Maximizing leadership and teamwork is where the next real competitive advantage is going to come from in the football industry"

Neil Craig
SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter etc) can help us to Brand better, Engage wisely, Learn faster and Lead effectively
The Coaching will become more sophisticated and specialized. Coaching teams will grow and structures will evolve. What works will probably be copied.
The Game will be even quicker, more continuous and more demanding - 18 players attack and defend. Potential huge rewards for teams that develop their offensive strategies.
The Athletes will need to be super professional - on and off field, to meet the demands of the game. Further investment by the AFL and Clubs in leadership development, recruiting (overseas and indigenous) and player behaviour.
Generation Y

Want to know why
Generally insecure - but put on brave front
Short attention span
Technologically savvy
Generation Z
All communication is web based
Little verbal communication skill
Want instant action and satisfaction

Growth of statistics/game mapping
Live GPS tracking
Video to bench
Ipod technology

Focus on role modelling/off field behaviour
Expanding media
Emergence of leadership groups
AFL education programs
Growth in football staff
"Its hard to explain because it happens so naturally for me but when I get to a stoppage I look around the ground and I know where free space is and I know where players are and where they will be when the ball is up for grabs. I suppose they are the things I look forand then when I get the ball, I don't know that I am creating space, I just try to never be rushed in my disposal"

Scott Pendlebury
"If I supply you with a thought you may remember it or not, but if I make you think for yourself I have indeed added to your stature"

Dominant Defence:
Getting the ball inside 50m has become increasingly difficult. From 56 per game in 2000 to 49 per game in 2009. Average score has dropped to under 90pts per game for the first time.
Major influences from soccer and hockey (invasion sports)
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