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Copy of Zain Sudan Presents 4G

No description

Yasir Hamour

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Zain Sudan Presents 4G

What are the benefits of the 4G
Welcome to ZAIN 4G
What is 4G?
Mobile Market Trends
• Bandwidth hungry applications
(Real-time, interactive, high Resolution)
• Context awareness & Personalization
• Social networking & content Sharing
• Immediacy
Business efficiency
• Wireless/wireless convergence

Technology Requirements
• Higher data rates & spectral efficiency
• Improved OFDMA air-interface
• Reduced latency
• Flatter IP networks
• Seamless handover between various wireless technologies
• Support a range of cell deployment scenarios

4th Generation
• 75 Mbps Speed
• Mobility
• High quality
• Higher throughput with multiple antennas

Increase efficiency
Fast work performance
better experience
Stable connectivity
Improved download/upload speed
Reduced latency
Clear voice and streaming
4G applications
Video conferences
APN solution (Connecting branches)
Vehicle tracking system
Video surveillance
Video streaming applications
M2M applications

Being part of Zain will always make you ahead in enjoying the latest technological advancements

(Long-Term Evolution, commonly known as
LTE) is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.
Thank you
Global LTE by End 2016:
390 Commercial Network
190 Country
1 Billion LTE Subscriber

Banking APN Solution
over 4G
Branch office connectivity is faced by major challenges :
High Cost
Support Services
Corporate APN is one of Zain business solution and service for Banking segment, where banking can use Zain packet network to connect its remote sites, ATM’s , POS, and mission critical applications ( ERP , CRM, Mail Server ,Intranet…).

SMPP Solutions
Bulk SMS can be used with SMPP & directly integrated to Bank’s systems
(ERP, cash transactions, Campaigns Management , Offers, Notification…)
Bulk SMS can be used to conduct Marketing Surveys

Voice Solutions
Hybrid/SMART Service
Cost control tool allows business owners to have more flexibility/options on controlling their cost by using Hybrid solution (switching to prepaid feature at any time once violated any one of the business account rules that set by the business owner. (I.e. If business account reaches the pre defined bill limit).
The service is available in two options :
* based on limit
* based on destination
Closed User Group is a cost effective product addressing Corporate clients business need.

It’s a supplementary services provided by Zain to its corporate subscriber’s who can make and receive calls from member associated within the group with unlimited free calls between them for fixed monthly rental fees .

4G Covered areas in Khartoum
Regional Locations

Under construction
Our ultimate objective and plan is to cover all Sudan
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