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Stroop Effect Test

No description

Lily O

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Stroop Effect Test

The result of the experiment matched our team's hypothesis, which was that the matching experiment would take less time than the non matching experiment.
There were some inconsistencies in the data; for example in the matching experiment, 10 words took .04 seconds longer than 12 words. This is to be expected due to the fact that human error is often evident, and in real world applications, the results are usually less than perfect.
If we were to modify the stroop test, we might try using different variable such as numbers; for example 9 versus nine. Additionally, having more than one person act as the reader would most likely change our results and make them more accurate, due to the fact that more data would be collected.
Stroop Effect Test
Aadarsh Malayil, Lily Orlovsky, Soham Sathaye, Akil Sirguroh
Experiment Overview
The purpose of this lab is to use 21st century competencies when analyzing data in order to make predictions about real world situations; in this case focusing on the 'Stroop Effect'.
October 8, 2013
Ms. Pearson, Period 7
The time it takes to read the lists of matching cards will be less than the time it takes to read the lists of non matching cards.
Data Tables
The Stroop Effect
Y intercepts show the relative estimation of how long it would take the reader to say a list length of zero. If you're speaking theoretically it would take zero seconds
The slope that you get tells you the speed at which you have to say each word
In the real world our graph tells you the time it takes for someone to read the names of colors out loud matching or not. The data shows that it takes longer for the human mind to figure out the color of the ink instead of just reading the word.
Matching regression equation y=.3188829431x
Non-Matching regression equation y=.2936589919x+1.757890479
Music Credit (Selected by Aadarsh):
Hannah Montana, Nobody's Perfect
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