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WK 16

No description

Kristinna Lucas

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of WK 16

LAB PREP Day 2 Obstacle 3 Bell Ringer Start Bell Ringer

This winter break I am looking forward to...(8 sentences) Turn in yesterday's bell ringer

**Number your paper 1-17 If you could change one thing, one injustice, what would it be? Why? (8 sentences)

(ex: poverty, sickness...etc) Fall 2012 WK 16 Take out your proposal and your Research Lab plan. You must have both of them approved and stamped to go sign in at the lab. Bell Ringer RELATIVE [1] _______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ING" [10] _______________________

ADJECTIVE [2] _______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [11] _______________________

ADJECTIVE [3] _______________________ NOUN [12] _______________________

ADJECTIVE [4] _______________________ ADVERB [13] _______________________

NAME OF PERSON IN ROOM [5] _______________________ VERB [14] _______________________

ADJECTIVE [6] _______________________ VERB [15] _______________________

ADJECTIVE [7] _______________________ RELATIVE [16] _______________________

VERB ENDING IN "ED" [8] _______________________ PERSON IN ROOM [17] _______________________ Grammar: active versus passive voice Active Voice: The subject performs that action.
1)"The man must have eaten five cheeseburgers."
2)"Luis B. mailed the letter."

Passive Voice: This can occur by changing the order around from active voice. The subject is being "acted upon".
1)"Five cheeseburgers must have been eaten by the man."
2)"The letter was being mailed by Luis B." Bell Ringer 12-13 Thursday Directions:Correct the passive voice sentences into active voice sentences. 1. The cookies had been eaten by the students.
2. Dancing classes were taken by children.
3. Hungry Hungry Hippos was played by Josue.
4. The lunch was forgotten by Jenna. Bell Ringer Directions: With the active sentences below,
correct to make them passive 1. She hunted the deer.
2. They broke the Christmas tree.
3. Kayla signed the contract.
4. She ran the kissing booth. BR 11 (5-6) “I’ll just tell you about this madman stud that happened to me around last Christmas just before I got pretty run-down and had to come out here and take it easy” (1).

Write why this quote is important to the story - Catcher in the Rye. BR: Identify the following-
1. Mrs. Morrow
2. Ernest Morrow
3. The person who says, "I am traveling incognito."
4. Eddie Birdsell
5. Faith Cavendish

Phoebe After Color Purple and Vocab Test If you are finish with both tests:

Grab a laptop and look up one or more article about the "Roaring Twenties". Be prepared to share what you found with the class tomorrow. You may print the article. WORST INTERVIEWS
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