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Untitled Prezi

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mai soliman

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

of stair
According to the calculations from the Egyptian code…
We need for our building the minimum
2 exits. (appendix 1)
The step of the stair should
be 110 cm ,And the exit door should be 90 cm .
Fire strategy
partial evacuation
We use 5 move 5 rule .
Fire strategy
What is ICF walls?
Typical Office Building Waste Composition
Why using steel structure?

Climate consultant recommendations
1_design of the stairs .
where it's
placed .
materials .
Reduce air infiltration by 75%
Non toxic
Almost no emissions
Sound insulator
Why ICF walls?

2_evacuation strategies.

Easy DIY Grey water Recycling System:
Nubian Water Systems:
the walls around the stairs and in the fire refuge floor we will use (BXUV.U360 )
,A two-Hou Firewall which is
eco-friendly product
from (Nu-Wool Co., Inc)
(appendix 2)
Grey water recycling
Waste disposal system:
resistant concrete
fire protection coating called
“Sika® Unitherm® concrete A”
from Sika Egypt
(appendix 3).
1_total .
fire refuge
the floor on fire
tow floors above
tow floors below
HIGH-RISE BUILDING FIRES /John R. Hall, JrNFPALogo2003 /December 2011 National Fire Protection Association
SMOG-eating tiles
Egyptian Code of the foundations of design and implementation requirements for the protection of installations from fire
Interior finishing materials
less pollution
Fast installation
What is diagrid system?
1-Granite in the reception halls
Diagonal steel beams that create triangular structure
Made from natural materials::

- Cellulose
- Talc
- Lime
- wood
- recycled materials
2-ecofriendly flooring
we can use::
KEEM wood Flooring from EGYNAP
Itis not only an eco-friendly product but also it is a chemical-free and a tree-free product. KEEM’s wood core material is made
from the annual pruning of a special species of palm trees in Egypt
(also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, or gyprock)
2 stories are stacked per diagrid with floor height of 3.8m.
-open areas
-20% less steel than traditional steel frame
-Structural Redundancy: loads redistributed in absence of some members
Why diagrid structure?
nodes connection
Load path:
with 60% recycled content, specially developed for use in new or refurbished residential and commercial buildings
It’s a strong, lightweight and quickly-installed dry screed system
it has a very high thermal conductivity (R = 0.38 W/mK) so heating response times are quicker and energy use is reduced.
2-Paints manufactured of natural raw materials.
Wall Glaze
Green tower project
How does TIO2 work?
ICF walls
Thin Film Solar PV Panels Roof
Natural ventilation
Stack effect
Wind speed
Generated through 2 channels:
Trombe walls
Supply of fresh air
Convective cooling
Psychological cooling
Termite mould
Annual energy uses-cost
Energy simulation:
case 1
base case
Energy use fuel:
Energy use electricity
annual carbon emission:
mostafa el nahas
makram ebied
Environmnetal analysis
climate consultant-
Smart techniques

Antony Akram
Asmaa abou wafa
Eman Nagi
Nouran Gamal
Nilly El saaed
Mai Wagdi
Mohamed HAmdy

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