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environment persuasive speech

No description

Katie Ballard

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of environment persuasive speech

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Protect the Timber Mother Nature Why protect the forests? Forests are the 'lungs' of the earth.

Forests absorb billions of tons of carbon dioxide.

30% of the carbon dioxide humans put into the air.

They are rich in flora & fauna & form the home of rare species of plants & animals. Trees and forests have always been a life support system, not only for humans, but also for wild and domesticated plants and animals. Cannot remake forests Against popular belief, most people think that you can just pick up a forest and move it elsewhere.

Well you can't, because the original ecosystem will never come back.

The plants and animals that depended on those plants will perish when the canopy is gone and they are exposed to the sunlight. With wide spaces between destroyed forests, birds and other animals cannot reach other areas to pollinate or drop seeds. Climate Change Climate change is mainly because of human behaviors; such as:
burning fossil fuels
both of these emit carbon dioxide which can cause the earth to heat up.

Global surface temperature may rise from 2 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

This warming will cause the Artic glaciers and sea ice to melt, rising sea levels drastically.

Extreme weather will start to take place: heatwaves, droughts, heavy rainfall and flooding. Which will cause many agricultural yields and specie extinction. Deforestation Before and After
Pictures As you can see, these forests shown in the
pictures were once alive and functioning
ecosystems, now they are piles of dirt
and tree stumps waiting to be cleared
off for some corporate business to build
its office here. The Opposing Side According to a survey taken by Ashley Schiller and her article posted to Earth911.com; most of the people she interviewed said that it "is an inconvenience" or they just don't get a benefit to help the environment.

Others said the state they lived in didn't offer any incentive to help out.

Also, most people would rather help the dead economy other than helping out with the environment. Opposing Views Cont'd According to the Max Gladwell website and the article "We Can't Save the Planet and Shouldn't Care About the Environment". Gladwell shares that liberals think that we have a "moral obligation to save trees, oceans, and animal species for their own sake and that we’re somehow threatening the planet’s well-being, as if the planet itself has moral standing."

Maxwell explains that this is what he thinks we need to do, "We need to utilize the Earth’s resources to sustain us well beyond the foreseeable future. As Rand said, “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.”
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