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Thomas Ramzell

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Test

www.ifl.se Our mission – to develop business and people. 100 employees in five countries, of which approximately 60 are based in Stockholm. SSE IFL also has an international faculty network of more than 500 individuals.

The leading Nordic player in management and leadership development with operations in Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Baltic states.

We develop approx. 3 500 managers annually and delivered programs in 20 cities during 2010.

Our largest client is the Russian Railways with 1.2 million employees.
We believe in creating sustainable leadership and business by working with the actual challenges faced by individuals and companies. We call it IFL Live Learning.
We are successfully developing online learning in a blended learning mode. Meet SSE IFL Executive Education. Stockholm School of Economics
IFL Executive Education One of Europe´s leading executive education providers www.ifl.se SSE IFL challenges traditional educational norms and propels true implementation of blended learning.
SSE IFL has strengthened its global relevance together with our operations in Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and St Petersburg. Last year we delivered programs in 20 international cities on four continents.
SSE IFL is passionate about helping companies reach management goals and facilitate effective change processes on a corporate and individual level.
SSE IFL has topped the Financial Times’ ranking of Nordic and Baltic executive education providers since the ranking began more than a decade ago.
In short, profound impact on business and people. Therefore SSE IFL. Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Founded in 1909
Building strong relationships for over a century in the Nordic and Baltic business spheres
Leading research in finance, economics, business management, and leadership
Distinguished research tradition
Over 250 active researchers
39 full professors
Over 125 books, articles, chapters, monographs and conference proceedings published each year
25 doctoral theses defended each year
Accredited by EQUIS IFL’s primary activity areas are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and the Baltic States.
A global supplier of development programs
Intellectually international
Collaborative research activities around the world
Global network of academic partners as a consequence of research and historic ties with business
Positioned in the globally competitive Nordic/Baltic business world
Program participants from every continent A global executive education provider. International program offerings. In-Company and Partnership Programs
Consortium Programs
Open Enrollment Programs for Leadership and Business Development as well as Finance and Economics
General Management Diploma Programs
Senior Executive Academy
Executive Coaching and ERFA Business Networks
Executive Seminars In-Company Programs. Program focus on meeting the needs of business leaders and decision-makers
Each program is unique, built on extensive experience in designing and implementing programs on all scales, from small management teams to large groups of managers spread across the globe
61 years of combined experience designing and implementing programs
A variety of learning processes and approaches
Work supports client’s desired organizational development
Our clients include:
ABB, Alfa Laval, Akzo Nobel, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, Folksam, Haldex, Grant Thornton, Handelsbanken, NCC, Nordea, Norske Skog, Saab, SKF Deutschland, Saab, Sandvik Mining and Construction, Scania, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Stora Enso, Swedbank, Telenor, Telia Sonera, Tetra Pak, Tieto Enator, Volvo
SSE IFL is a global supplier of development programs and the leading Nordic/Baltic player in executive education, represented in Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Baltic States.
SSE IFL is particularly strong in integrated General Management programs with cutting-edge competency in Leadership, Business Development, Management Control and Finance. Programs are created to meet a range of business, managerial and leadership challenges in a variety of organizations.
Learning processes are based on a combination of research-based and experience-based knowledge. We always start from the actual challenges and dilemmas faced by our customers. This means that our programs lead to real results in both the short and the long run.
SSE IFL has topped the Financial Times’ ranking of Nordic and Baltic executive education providers since the ranking began more than a decade ago. More about SSE IFL. Profound impact on business and people. “An IFL program is definitely one of the greatest gifts imaginable. Participants get to tackle their weak spots until they become strengths.” Göran Gennvi
Advisor, Development and Change “There has been a development in the organization on the individual level. This has spread like a wildfire.” Margareta Alexanderson
Head of Learning and Development SonyEricsson Result Driven Learning Processes
and General Management Combining research and experience, the IFL learning process delivers lasting solutions to the real challenges faced by our clients. Excels at integrated General Management programs. Specialized in Leadership, Developing Business, Finance and Economics RESULT DRIVEN LEARNING PROCESSES INTEGRATED GENERAL MANAGEMENT Ranked as no. 1 in Nordic and Baltic region for tailored corporate programs*
International reach through a global network of clients, partners and faculty.
Programs specifically designed to meet the needs of top executives and upper middle management across a range of industry areas. * Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2011 How SSE IFL delivers impact. How SSE IFL secures impact. Pre-Program Assessment Post-Program Evaluation Result Driven Learning Processes. Combining research and experience, the IFL learning process delivers lasting solutions to the real challenges faced by our clients. VALUE General Management – a holistic perspective. IFL excels at integrated General Management programs, and specializes in Leadership, Developing Business, Finance and Economics - Senior Executive Academy
- Executive General Management Program - Manager and Leader - TIO International Executive Program - EDGE - Finance for Non-Financial Managers
- Graduate Engineer Program - Leadership through Personal Development - IMP International Management Program - Executive Management Program - FEM Executive Management Program - Strategic
Marketing Program Leadership Passages. IFL specializes in development programs for experienced managers, members in management teams and functional managers. High-potentials and newly appointed managers are also potential target groups, i.e. in strategic talent management programs. Quality-Assurance Work and Financial Times’ Ranking How we ensure our level of quality. Internal quality assurance through program follow-up and development
Annual evaluation and follow up through Customer and Buyer Satisfaction Index

Faculty development and enrichment

Participant in Financial Times global ranking of executive education providers since 2000
Accreditation and international networks We constantly aim to find the essence of quality in collaboration with our clients. In other words, find the essence of not only that which changes, but that which improves over time. “The top place in the Financial Times overall ranking of Nordic players is a hallmark of IFL’s success in catering to customers’ needs.” High satisfaction benchmarks. Source: SKI 2008 SSE IFL shows a high satisfaction level compared to other B2B industries Networks and Accreditation. The International Consortium for Executive Development Research (ICEDR)
Leading international business schools and companies
Community of European Management Schools (CEMS)
Collaboration among 17 leading business schools that offer Master of Science Programs and Executive Development
European Foundation for Management Development and their Executive Education Network (EFMD)
Executive MBA Council
SSE is accredited by EQUIS Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education is proud to be Northern Europe’s leading executive education provider, bringing cutting-edge business development and an unparalleled global network to our clients.

www.ifl.se xxx
Tel xxx
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5 mätbara mål, från 2011
Vi har åtgärdat ca 200 förbättringspunkter sedan lansering hösten 2010 Statistik IFL.SE
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