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why was the mughal Empire so successful

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jagraj samra

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of why was the mughal Empire so successful

Why Was The Mughal Empire So Successful ?

The Mughal Empire was really successful because they had a highly powerful large army. So they can over size their opponent and defeat them with less trouble. Now days it truly doesn’t matter on size of the army because the style of fighting in war has changed from face to face war to more tactical war. The Mughal Empire was one of the only empires in India in 1500-1600 to have their hands on gun powder. With the gunpowder they made guns like the vollygun one of the first machine gun in the world. This helped them fight enemies from long range and kill them without losing to many soldiers.
The Mughal Empire was really good at trading because most of the land they had was all farm land so they can trade crops and spices to other empires. The Mughal Empire also traded spices textiles and opium to the Portuguese for alcohol.They also traded with the the Persians crops for weapons.They liked to get weapons from the Persians because they had one of the best weapons engineers of the time.
During the Mughal Empire there were three main religions Islam,Sikhs and Hinduism.This was really important for there success because this lets there citizens have hope of some kind and come together on religious festivals,like now days how everyone would get together on Vashahki,Christmas,Diwali.
The political system in the Mughal Empire was very well organized. When the Mughal Empire came to power each area was individually run and kept separate from the other areas. The great ruler, Akbar, started a centralized government. A centralized government was easier to control . This government was so successful that it was used until the nineteenth century.
The emperor was the center of the government in the Mughal Empire. He was the supreme head of state, commander-in-chief of the army, and the chief judge in all disagreements.
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