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Computer games timeline

A time line of how computer games have developed over the past 30 years.

ryan ohara

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Computer games timeline

Video Games Timeline 1978 Space Invaders is released 1980 Pacman is released 1983 Nintendo release their first computer, and Mario is released at the same time 1985 Nintendo release the NES
1989 Nintendo release first hand held console "game boy" Sega releases the Sega Genesis
1991 Sonic is produced by Sega in response to Nintendo's Mario.
1994 Sony releases the Playstation in Japan
1996 Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64

1999 Dreamcast - 128 bit processor - is released in the UK 2001 Sony launched the ground breaking Playstation 2 In September, Nintendo releases the Gamecube
In November, Microsoft enters the console market with the Xbox. Halo is released at launch, boosting sales.
2002 Gameboy adavnced is released 2004 Nintendo release the DS 2005 Playstation portable (PSP)
is released 2005 Microsoft release the xbox 360 2006 Sony release the Playstation 3 Nintendo release the Wii 2009 Sony Release the PSP Go Nintendo Release the DSi This was the first motion sensing games console In 1982 the first action game was released Halo was released Over 6 million copies sold Killzone 2
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