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Nerves of the Head and Neck

No description

Monica Sosa!

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Nerves of the Head and Neck

Nerves of the Head and Neck
Lauren Rubio
Claudia Martinez
Roger Roselio
Kendra Puente
Monica Sosa!
Aiza Nisar

Trigeminal nerve
Largest and most complex nerve
Has three branches (ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular
Sensation nerve
Motor nerve
Opthalmic branch
First branch of the trigeminal nerve
Responsible for the innervation the forehead, the nose and the ophthalmic regions of the face.
Maxillary branch
Provides sensory innervation to the inner eye lid, lateral canthus, skin on dorsal zygomatic arch, skin over temporalis muscle, mucosa of the soft and hard palates, nasal mucosa, upper lip, and skin of nose.
Mandibular Nerve
composed of the sensory and motor neurons
largest division of the trigiminal nerve
Branches into: the buccal, lingual, and inferior aveolar
Lingual Nerve
Responsible for senses of taste and touch of the tongue
Branches of Mandibular

Posterior Superior Alveolar
Branches from the Maxillary Nerve
Goes into the infra-orbital groove
Goes through the bone to supply:
maxillary molar teeth
maxillary sinus.

inferior aveolar
Pterygopalatine Nerve
Branches from the Maxillary Nerve
which pass through the pterygopalatine ganglion
Lesser Palatine nerve

-supply the mucosa and the glands of the soft palate and uvula.
Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve
innervates: maxillary gingiva and teeth
-all the roots of the bicuspids
-mesial buccal root of the first molar
Branch that provides motor supply to the mylohyoid and digastric muscles.
Mylohiod Branch
Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerve
innervates: maxillary gingiva and teeth
-central incisors
Mental Branch
Branch that supplies the chin, skin and mucous membrane of the lower lip
Incisive Branch
Branch that supplies the labial aspect of the gums of canine and incisor teeth.
located where the eyeball is connected in order to move
leads into the lacrimal nerve that branches off into the lacrimal gland
INfraorbital branch
extends from the main nerve trunk
goes through the maxillary sinus
divides into two branches
Greater palatine
connects to the soft & hard palates, medial gingiva, & mucous membrane
branches off from the pterygopalatine nerve & connects to the palate through the greater palatine forem.
sub-Branches of the Maxillary branch
-transmits sensory information to and from the second and third molar teeth
-found most of nasal septum and anterior part of hard palate
-general sensory.
-provides sensation to most of the bottom teeth (mandibular)
- consisting of two roots:

-large motor root:
which supplies the muscles of facial expression

-smaller root:
the intermediate nerve
-several rootlets from lateral side of upper part of medulla oblongata

- supplies the:
tongue, pharynx, and parotid gland
-Motor nerve supplying the muscles of the tongue
-Originates from the medulla oblongata.
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