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Monster by Walter Dean Myers

16 years old Steven Hammon is accused of murder, He is either gonna spend the 25 years in jail with no parole he be proven innocent

Ronke Amor

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers Mr walter okay this is the last
quote. :) More Quotes Other books Quotes Monster more on monster Awards His works His life About the Author Walter wasn't the brightest kid on the block,
all he cared about was basketball, but he loved to
write. He was at the edge of dropping out of school
when one of his teacher saw his talent and told him
that whatever happens, he should never stop writing.
At first he didn't know what that meant but later when he started working on a construction site in New York, he remembered her word and started writing every
night about the most difficult period of his life
the teen years. Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon can scarcely believe what has happened to him. Somehow he has ended up incarcerated in the Manhattan Juvenile Detention Center for his alleged role in the robbery of a neighborhood drugstore in which the owner of the store was killed. Now he's been charged with felony murder! As the trial begins, Steve feels that this can't possibly be his real life. Everything is suddenly out of control. To him, it seems as if he has "walked into the middle of a movie." Since he is a film student, he decides to tell his story in the form of a screenplay. Steve calls his film Monster because that's how the prosecutors refer to him in court.But his he really a monster? and will we ever know the truth? Walter was born on thursday the 12th of august in Martinsburg virginia. His birth name was Walter Milton Myers. He was later given away to an African American man named Herbert Dean who raised Walter with his German and Native American wife Florence in Harlem New York. http://www.walterdeanmyers.net/biblio.html Myers was the first winner of the Michael L.Printz award for Monster. He won the Margaret award in 1994.
Where Does the Day Go? Council on Interracial Books for Children Award, 1968.
Myers is a three-time finalist for the National Book Award. He was nominated in 1999 for Monster and in 2005 for Autobiography of My Dead Brother. He is a 2010 finalist for Lock down.
In January 2012, Myers replaced Katherine Paterson as the Library of Congress's National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, a two-year position created to raise national awareness of the importance of lifelong literacy and education Meet the author “The best time to cry is at night, when the lights are out and someone is being beaten up and screaming for help.” Steve said this because jail was really violent, all everyone cared about was killing each other or beating someone up and he was never really tough enough to cry in front of the inmates so he cried at night. “My job is to make sure the law works for you as well as against you, and to make you a human being in the eyes of the jury.” Steve's lawyer Mrs. O'Brien said the prosecutor related him to the people who actually killed Mr Nesbitt and she wants to separate hime from them so the prosecutors can overlook him and not say because he's black and young then he is guilty. “What did I do? I walked into a drugstore to look for some mints, and then I walked out. What was wrong with that? I didn't kill Mr. Nesbitt.”
Steve was accused of being part of the murder he was said to be a look out to make sure the drugstore was free of people so king and bob could come rob Mr, Nesbit but Steve never was a look out he just went to get mint and now he is at the verge of spending the rest of his youth life in jail - 25 years in jail without parole “There was a baseball game on but it didn't look real. It was guys in uniforms playing games on a deep green field. They were playing baseball as if baseball was important and as if all the world wasn't in jail, watching them from a completely different world.” Now that Steve is in jail, everything doesn't seem right, not even a baseball game, it's not like the way it was when he was with his family all he wants is just to be out of here to be found innocent because truly he is not guilty“There was a baseball game on but it didn't look real. It was guys in uniforms playing games on a deep green field. They were playing baseball as if baseball was important and as if all the world wasn't in jail, watching them from a completely different world.” Yes, i would love to read other books by this author,
his books are just so good, i might not be able to
relate to this books because of my race but i know people who can, i am currently reading game by this author and i have three other books i am going
to read.
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