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Ukrainian Culture Presentation

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on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ukrainian Culture Presentation

b. a. -- arth 303 --
Russian and Ukrainian Art
-- dr. s april 2013

Ukrainian Folk Art
and Handicrafts

- have been around since prehistoric times
- became a symbol of Resurrection and renewal
- also became a vivid cultural symbol and source of ethnic pride
- rich heritage yields to originality
Traditional Ukrainian Dress
-Ukrainian version of the alpine horn
-3 meters long , range is 3 octaves
-used primarily in signaling events
-played during Christmas
-not considered a unique instrument
-present in secular and sacred aspects of life
-one of the ancient and widespread genres of folk art
-significant in community affairs
-festive events- women wear embroidered blouses, men wear embroidered shirts
-seen on pillows, covers easter baskets. placed near religious icons in the home
-"Cross" is most used for
simplicity and convenience
- basic element of country's culture and craft, closely tied with history
- displays high degree of sophistication, elegance, artistry
from the verb "pysaty", meaning "to write"
- dates back to Scythian and
Sarmatian tribes; 5th century
- Kievan Rus era: shirt, cloak,
trousers, sheepskin vest,
overcoat, cap, footcloths,
and stockings.
Taistra (Carrying Bag),
Western Ukraine
Traditional Homespun Ceremonial Towels
Embroidery Examples
-unique; from 7th century
-originally accompanied epic folk ballads and folk dances
-popular between 15th and 18th centuries
-acquired more strings overtime
-fully chromatic instrument
-solo and ensemble instrument
-Ukrainian Eggs
-Ukrainian Traditional Dress
-Wood Carving
-Three Musical Instruments
Trsymbaly (Hammer Dulcimer)
- Is well known outside the Ukraine
- Middle Eastern origins
- possibly introduced by Gypsies
- name dates back to 17th century
- played in a seated position on the knees of the performer, or in a standing position with the help of a long belt to go around the neck
The End
Some Pictures
Wood Carving
- noted for beauty and sophistication in some Ukrainian regions
- household articles, transportation vehicles, religious architecture
-refined overtime
-popular throughout Ukraine
What other instrument does it sound like?
Thank You
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