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Case study: one over populated and one under populated count

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katie9BICT Townend

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Case study: one over populated and one under populated count

Under populated: Australia
Australia is an underpopulated country. Australia is the worlds smallest content and the sixth largest country with the lowest population density in the world, only 2 people per a km². It has a population of 23.13 million and a land area of 7.692 million km² . Only 10% of that land is inhabited. 90% of the population live in the 10 largest cities in Australia all located on the coast.
Case study: one over populated and one under populated country.
Under populated: Australia
Over populated : Hong Kong

Australia Facts:
Australia has a life expectancy of 82.1 years.
It is the biggest beef exploratory in the wold.
Around 140 million sheeP contribute largely to more than 70% of the worlds wool production.
Australia has over 7,000 beaches more than any other country in the world.
Over populated:
Hong Kong
Examples of living conditions in Hong Kong
Population pyramid for Hong Kong
Hong Kong's population was at 7.188 million in 2013. the country has a land area of 1,104km². It currently has 6,786 people per a km². Although people consider Hong Kong to be over populated only 25% of its landmass is developed and 40% of the remaining land is reserved as country parks and nature reserves.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a life expectancy of 83.48 years.
Its GDP per capital is $55,383
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