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Annual Report 2012-2013

No description

Erin Parrish

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Annual Report 2012-2013

Board Members
Khalid Adam, Member at Large
Sharon Bigot, Treasurer,
American Association of University Women MN
Beth Gibson Lilja, Chair,
Minnesota Business Women
Jenny Johnson, Member at Large,
Aeon, Inc.
Safia Khan Lovett,
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
Louann Lanning,
Women's Programs Employment Action Center
Suyapa Miranda, Vice Chair,
Women's Environmental Institute
Carrie Peltier, Secretary, Member at Large,
Contreras Edin & Associates
Beaudelaine Pierre,
Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment
Kamala Puram,
Refugee and Immigrant Women for Change/SEWA Asian Indian Family Wellness
Nina Rothchild, Member Emerita
Barbara Schubring,
YWCA of Minneapolis
Denise Specht,
Education Minnesota
Jennifer Williams Pavich,
Partners for Women's Equality

Our Volunteers and Interns
Advocacy & Public Policy
Tilly Anaya
Colin Anderson
Jessica Andrist
Kathy Ahrens
Barbara Battiste
Angelica Battistini-Gentile
Ingrid Berglin
Kathy Blegen-Huntley
June Blomberg
Betty Bredemus
Jess Brennan
Erin Parrish
Executive Director
Lorraine Hart
Director of Administration & Finance
Visit www.mnwomen.org to join us in working
for women's equity and justice!

Check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MNwomen
You can also follow us on Twitter: @mnwomen
Contact us at info@mnwomen.org or by calling 612-228-0338.
Our Mission
Advancing equity and justice for
all women and girls through
advocacy and collaboration.
2012-2013 Annual Report
Our Values
Equity and Justice: We honor and value
the dignity of every person.

Inclusivity: We are committed to
empowering diverse members and individuals and celebrate all women.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves with
honesty and integrity.

Collaboration: We openly share our knowledge and expertise with others
to advance our common goals.
Sharing Resources & Information
Affordable Care Act
In addition to sharing ongoing information about the Affordable Care Act's impact on women, we convened a meeting with Kenneth Munson, Region V Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and our members. This meeting gave our members direct access to the Midwest's leading expert on the ACA.
Throughout the last year, we hosted meetings with Congressional leaders. In March, our members met with Representative Keith Ellison for a roundtable discussion about advancing an agenda for women's equity, civil rights, and other important gender issues.
Resource & Referral
Almost everyday the Minnesota Women's Consortium receives requests for resources from our members and women in need.
These requests come to us by phone, email, and drop-ins to the office. Located in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul, MWC is
a frequent resource for women seeking housing, emergency shelter, and legal and financial assistance. We assist these women by connecting them with our members, community partners, and government agencies that provide direct services.
Advocacy & Ale Series
In January, the Women's Consortium launched a series of meetings designed to connect individuals to the advocacy work of our members, receive the latest scoop on legislative issues impacting women, and network with community activists.

In June, Advocacy & Ale brought together key staff from Congressional offices. In addition to sharing information on federal bills like nutritional assistance and immigration reform, our guests discussed the many ways Congressional offices can assist women's and gender-focused nonprofits in their work.
Women's Policy Summit
Representatives from 26 of our member
organizations presented a joint legislative
agenda to Minnesota legislators.
Samuel Doten
Dan Ferralez
Julie Froslan
Grace Harkness
Trisha Harms
Colette Hayward
Jisoo Hong
Amy Kenzie
Karen Kirkwood
Willow Kriebich
Sasha Landskov
Bertelson Law Office
Contreras Edin & Associates, Inc.
Education Minnesota
Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
Phyllis & Donald Kahn Foundation
Mairs & Power
Mary T., Inc.
Martha & William Muska Fund
Joyce Prudden & Michael Shoop Family Foundation
Saint Paul Foundation
Foundation and Corporate Sponsorship
Discussion Topics
Our Vision
A day when all women and girls
have the power and confidence
to reach their full potential.
This year we assisted 237 women and organizations.
Letter from the Director
Girls Rock! the Capitol
2013 marked the 11th Annual Girls Rock! the Capitol. It was a huge success with 58 girls
and 3 boys participating.
Thank you to our
participating organizations!
Girl Scouts Connectz
Mentoring Young Adults
Minnesota African Women's Association
Rosemont High School
Urban Debate League
Women Against Military Madness
Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment
Youth Leadership Council

Highlights from the Day
Guadelupe Lopez, Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition, talks with the girls about her work to prevent sexual violence.
Senators Carla Nelson and Terri Bonoff talk with participants about the Minnesota Prosperity Act which allows undocumented immigrant students to be eligible for resident tuition.
Minneapolis City Councilperson Elizabeth Glidden, Hon. Kathleen Gearin, and Guadelupe Lopez answer participants questions about political and community leadership.
Activities included introducing Minnesota's future leaders to the world
of state government and advocacy.
Youth participated in a mock election and a mock committee hearing in addition to meeting political officials
and community leaders.
All of this is not possible without the following people
and partners...

2012-2013 Financial Report
Ashlee Moser
Mary Jo Murphy
Laura Nevitt
Beaudelaine Pierre
Karmann Peters
Kristin Perry
Dea Pratt
Natalie Robinson
Anna Ruhland
Cailin Rogers
Irene Schneider
Vera Schwagel
Chloe Vraney
Emma Wheeler
Jodi Williams
Sherri Weiss
Diane White
Kelsey Woida
Dede Wolfson
Meghan Ziegel
Donors: $128,853

Subleasing: $20,067

Community Shares: $3,843

Programs: $12,995

Member Dues: $13,796

Grants: $16,960

Fundraising: $17,525

Administration: $21,218

Programs & Activities: $145, 746
Human Trafficking

Violence Against Women

Safe Communities

Gun Control

Chemical Dependency

Voting Rights

Reproductive Health

Economic Justice


Higher Education

Child Care Affordability

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