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Emma Wallner

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Nature

by: Emma Wallner Nature Nature: Current Events
Hurricane Sandy In the fall of 2012, a monster hurricane moved its way up the east coast of the United States. Beginning in the Bahamas, Hurricane Sandy moved her way up the border. She cost lives and destroyed homes. People would never be the same. Millions of people were impacted by Sandy's wrath. A town burst up into flames and lower Manhattan was completely dark. Residents would live in the dark for weeks. Super storm Sandy changed lives forever. NBC News calls it, "The United States of America just received the wake-up call of a lifetime. Mother Nature just hit the east coast and she hit it hard." Nature: Current Events
Sandy Hook Elementary The Nature of humanity is so amazing. When you have the truly evil people in the world that would kill innocent children for no apparent reason. And then we have the truly holy people. Teachers risked and sacrificed their lives to save their children. The people that stand up against evil. People will always have fear. The children and teachers on that horrible Tuesday morning were scared, probably the most scared the will ever be. The fact remains that they forgot about their fears and escaped. Lives were lost, however, but many lives were saved. If you look at the glass half full then you can see the circumstances could have been much worse. Nature: Current Events
Japan Tsunami 2011 In the Spring of 2011, a 9.0 magnitude underwater earthquake struck the island nation of Japan with great force. Hundreds of thousands of people were changed by the incident. Many people died as Japan's oil factories burst into flames. A witness describes it as, "The water seemed to keep rushing in and when the street was cleared of water and debris, it looked like a funeral home as many unread newspapers sat at people's doorsteps." The earthquake followed by a catastrophic tsunami that wiped out thousands of people and homes. The new movie, "The Impossible," is based on a true story about a vacationing American family. The family is staying at a beach side resort in Japan when the tsunami hits. The family ends up seperated. As they struggle to find one another the plot teaches us about the hardship of Japan to get back up on its feet. Nature: Literature
The Hunger Games In the best seller novel by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen, a young woman from a poor background, is selected to participate in the annual event known as, "The Hunger Games." The societal structure of which Katniss is from is a land basis of twelve districts, most of which have a very high poverty rate, that surround an almighty and powerful Capitol, known for the rich. Every year as a way of order and control, the Capitol issues that two tributes must be selected from each district to take part in a fight to the death. Katniss is one of the twenty-four tributes selected. The Capitol controls all elements of the fight including the environment in which it takes place. In the 74th annual Hunger Games (the one in which Katniss takes part), the arena is set up as a very natural scenery including a large portion of forestry and multiple bodies of water. Katniss uses nature as a resource to stay alive. So when you think about the horrible things nature can do, think about that it will always be there for resources to you for survival. Afterall, where would we be without nature? Nature: Literature
Hatchet Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet" is about a young boy named Brian. He hitches a ride on a small plane with what he already knew to have low reliability. He is headed to see his father. As he flies over Canada the plane's engine stops working. Thus, the small plane crashes into the wooded area below. Lost, hungry, and cold, Brian sets out to find the pilot. Without any luck, Brian decides that his main priority should be shelter. He finds a small cave, hidden well enough so no animal searching for a snack could find him. All he has is a hatchet and a wide terrain of grass, trees, repeat. Brian must use his knowledge of the wilderness to achieve survival through Mother Nature's resources. Nature: Literature
Safe Haven This romantic horror novel by Nicholas Sparks takes place in a town called Southport in North Carolina. A woman with a dark past, Katie, formerly known as Erin, moves there in hope of a fresh start. Her previous love life was tragic and scary, in a sense. Her abusive parents were on and off in employment and Katie strongly believed they wanted nothing to do with her. Attempting to escape her current life, Katie cuts her hair, dies it blonde, and changes her name to Katie. She then boards a coach to Southport, a small shoreside town. Katie purchases a small house that needs a lot of work in order to be accomidatable. While working on the house, she tends to a waitressing job at a local restaurant, "Ivan's." After earning some more money she buys her groceries at the market which is owned by a man named Alex, whom she becomes interested in. He was a widowed single father of two children, Kristen and Josh. Katie and Alex become very close and Katie also becomes very close to Alex's children. Katie for the first time in a while, lets her guard down, maybe too soon. Her past catches up to her. Multiple factors play into this but basically Katie's previous suitor sets the market on fire. Kristen and Katie are trapped inside. The nature of humanity shows so much love and strength as Katie breaks down walls with no reguard for her own life to save Kristen's. Nature: Images
Natural Disasters "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore." Everyone knows the famous phrase in one of the world's most beloved books, "The Wizard of Oz." We all know the tale of Dorothy and her little dog, Toto, being spun high in the sky during a monster tornado in Kansas. The two wind themselves up in a magical place called Oz. No, the tornado you see in the picture above will not take you to a fantastical land. The image you see above can cause major damage and cost lives. In fact, this specific tornado in the image had a death toll of twenty-three. But sorry, this massive column of air will not put you in the arms of a tin man or a munchkin. Specific
Themes of
Nature Nature can be our most valuable resource, the only resource we need.
Nature can cause pain and scars, both emotional and physical.
The nature of humanity is driven by strength, courage, and love. Nature: Images
Reaching Out This image shows several citizens healing out their local community. The nature of humanity is so surreal. We may wither and die but that is way down the road. When on the path we flourish and grow as people. Nature: Images
Life This image shows a baby. Everday more people are born. People that will grow, change, learn, and imagine. They may be small but babies are not insignificant. They are the future. Who knows? The baby you are looking at could invent the iPhone 26. That is how amazing nature is. A baby is just the beginning of a new generation. Diary:
Do Not Touch May 3rd 2013 Dear Diary,
Gammy is sick. Her surgery went wrong. She cannot come and visit because she is not mobile. I send her emails and texts but she does not reply. That does not bother me though because I am not 100% sure she knows how to reply back. I really hope she gets better so she can come to the beach this summer. I sent her flowers and a "Get Well Card" with a picture of Snoopy on it, to her last week. Well, I guess it is only natural for a person to be sick but I never imagined someone could be this sick. Nature is truly confusing.
-Emma May 20th 2013 Dear Diary,
Today a massive tornado ripped through a small town in Oklahoma, Moore. It tore apart many houses and demolished a school. I do not understand. How can nature do these cruel acts and expect us to protect its well-being? Then I have to remember, nature gives us so much. From my cotton pajamas to my brother's football. Simplistic things like that remind me that nature may be hazardous but it provides to the point where our survival is key on nature.
-Emma July 1st 20 Dear Diary,
Yesterday was a learning experience. My cousin, Patrick, spotted an enclosed area while running on the beach earlier that afternoon. He said it had traps and the net surrounding the area of sand was supported by wooden stakes about waist high. My other cousins thought there was treasure buried there, others thought it was an act to prevent people from climbing on the dunes. I however had no opinion whatsoever. We went crab hunting that evening with our giant flashlights and plastic nets. The younger kids carried the buckets. As the fifteen of us walked along the shoreline we spotted a man. Stalky, he was, and wore sandals with socks, I may add. He explained we had to turn off our flashlights. Cassie, another cousin, asked the man why for we could not see the crabs. The stalky man said the flashlights would distract the baby turtles. I looked at my cousins. Connor and Kyle bat at eachother with the nets, Colin seemed to be looking for crabs without any success, Natalie carried Elizabeth on her hip, and the rest of us stared at the stalky man, confused. The stalky man finally introduced himself as Ryan. He told us that there was a turtle hatching taking place tonight, he pointed at the enclosed area. Jack asked the man why our flashlights had to be turned off. Ryan explained that the turtles would follow the light, the moon will draw them into the ocean, however, the flashlights would distract their path to the water. We all nodded, turned off our flashlights, and walked home as I thought about how amazing nature is. Thank you for watching!
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