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Canves Model

michiel potjer

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Beehivezz

The Beehivezz Business Model Canvas 8. Key
Partners 2. Value
Proposition 4. Customer
Relationship 1. Customer
Segments 3. Channels 5. Revenue
Streams 9. Cost
Structure 6. Key
Resources Professional Semi-Professional High - end Consumer Low - end Consumer # of products product Quality The long tail, 80/20 High-end
Clever product range Low-end
Product chaos < € 300 Reasonable
priced Keep in mind BMW's segmentation Niche
Products High-end Segmented 100% Margin Hong Kong
company Office Shenzhen No
intermediaries Delivery speed Cost
reduction Green image e-Commerce Sales force Value added resellers Light architects Green tech office refurbishing Installation companies Project developers Government Web enabling sourcing VAR acquisition servicing Maintenance Invoicing (VAR) Fulfillment management Artixium Fulfillment partner for suppliers VAR's Buyer supplier relationship Strategic alliances Logistic & Payment Dimass? Management Asset sale > 100% marge Leasing commercial lighting Brokerage fees channel partners commission fee fixed & dynamic pricing People marketing sales Place Cost driven Value driven Beehivezz High
performance service segments Dedicated personal assistance e-Commerce customization Self-service 7. Key
Activities Product
bundle Solar LED light High-end gadgets Panels Inverters Brackets Mesh- Architectural- Commercial- Garden- Stage- Torch lights Mobile solar/battery stuff Camera's Brand new China gadgets Camping solar e.g.) beehivezz.com ledbeezz solarbeezz b2beezz gadgetbeezz Benchmark Coolblue DealXtreme VS. Team Technology normal; 72 hr fast; 48 hr USP 3 segments, each with different needs, services, quality and prices. It's roughly based on the BMW segmentation, The 3, 5 and 7 series. Same brand, other expectations. You'll see the # in the presentation, for a better understanding. Foreground
Artixium Beehivezz Suppliers VAR's Dutch
market Sales NL e-Commerce 2e line service VAR Sales Investors Physical
Offices (shenzhen)
Warehousing (80% CN, 20% NL) Human
Project manager
Channel manager
Account manager
Sourcing staff Financial
Bank Product office employees stock in Shenzhen for;
End users Service
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