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Analysis of Sports Performance

No description

Jack Barnett

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Sports Performance

Assignment: 1
In this assignment i will be selecting a range of performers and describing in detail, five intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may affect their performance.
Ability Level (Intrinsic)
Age (Intrinsic)
Motivation (Intrinsic)
Analysis of Sports Performance
Understand the analysis required for diffrent levels of sporting performance
By Jack Barnett
Time of Day (Extrinsic)
Temperature (Extrinsic)

Motivation as a factor can be split into Extrinsic and Intrinsic because it can be for the money and prizes or it can be just for enjoyment.
Motivation depends on different things which can affect how much motivation you put in. these are arousal levels, the need to avoid failure and the need to achieve.
The intensity of your motivation effects how successful you will become. The intensity put it creates our arousal levels which differs between sports.
Your personality type will affect whether you need to avoid failure or need to achieve. The need to avoid failure often gives up and doesn't want feedback. Whereas the need to achieve aren't afraid to fail and have high task persistence’s.
Ability Level can become a factor of performance to an athlete because to keep your ability levels high you need to train hard and often.
If you train hard and often like a professional football such as Spurs, your ability level with be high. This is because you are having to perform at high levels weekly to stay in the Barclays Premier League.
Ability Level can be dropped by injury because they are having to rest, to allow their injury to heal.
Age can be a factor of performance in a good or bad way. Ryan Giggs has been playing for many years and has experience playing at a high level, as a youth player and an experienced older player.
Age can be good because the longer you have been playing the more experience you get. This means you are able to perform better and have less nerves when playing at a big stadiums like the San Siro
But age could also be bad because the older you get, the harder it is to keep your fitness levels up. This could result in him having to retire earlier as the pace of the game is too much for him to handle. Also getting older your bones start to become weaker, making him more injury prone.
Time of day can be a factor of performance because depending on the time of day could result in lack of consentration.
In the Barclay's Premier League, football teams kick-off in the afternoon which gives them time to prepare. Whereas if you were a WWE Wrestler you would have to change your sleeping patterns. This is to make sure you are fully awake and concentrated for a match which could start at 1am.
Temperature can be a factor of performance because being in a climate which is too hot or cold means precautions have to take place. If the climate is extremely hot like rally driving in the dessert, the driver and co-driver would have to make sure they stay hydrated as the heat will make them sweat. Becoming dehydrated could result in them crashing and having fatal injuries as the driver became dizzy.
Foundation Level
Performance Level
Foundation level is focused to participants in primary schools because foundation is all about, your first introduction to a sport. The level focuses on learning and understanding the basic movement skills and developing a positive attitude.
The analysis at this level is all based around enjoyment. This is covered by teachers and parents because being at foundation level means there are limited resources.
Performance level is where participants will be improving their standards of performance through coaching, competitions and training. This is normally county level and National Standards.
The analysis at this type of level is fitness testing, time, some expertise such as coaches, sports scientists and fitness coaches. They can also include sports science facilities.
References: Youtube, class notes and handouts.
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