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Beowulf vs Batman: Similarities and Differences

Mastery Project for Mrs. Goddard's English 2 class

Cameron Hilbert

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Beowulf vs Batman: Similarities and Differences

Beowulf vs Batman: Similarities and Differences
Batman, however, is a different story. He is a very self-righteous person and will not kill anyone, no matter what the circumstances or how much they deserve it. There is also a modesty that Batman possesses that Beowulf does not. Batman masks his true identity (no pun intended) and does not seek fame and glory.

Unlike Beowulf, does not possess superhuman strength. Instead, Batman relies on his wits, gadgets, and intelligence more than brute force in fights. His strength lies in his ability to overcome his past, and work hard to defeat evil. He fights for justice and to keep innocents safe, and does not accept any gifts or rewards for his actions.
The Dragon
What is a hero?
When some people think of a hero, their minds immediately correspond that with someone who has superpowers, like Superman or Spider-man. My definition of a hero is someone who has certain traits, such as leadership, courage, and determination. In this case, both Batman and Beowulf are heroes, even if they sometimes show these traits in different ways.
Allies: Alfred (Butler and father-figure) Robin (sidekick), Gotham City Police Department

Batman is allies with almost everyone on the right side of the law, but some allies he is closer to than others.

Enemies: Bane, Joker, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Riddler, The Mob (crime organization), et cetera.

Along with Batman's petty thugs that he fights, there are also some "big bad's" that challenge him and push his limits.
Allies: Hrothgar, Danes, Geats, et cetera

Beowulf has a lot of allies, but is not really close to anybody. He is allied with anyone that pays him for his accomplishments.

Enemies: Grendel, Grendel's mother, the dragon, and other various monsters and beasts

Similar to Batman, Beowulf also has some enemies that are more challenging and threatening than others.
Batman Event Significance
In this comic, Batman gets his back broken by a super steroid-enhanced mercenary named Bane. This is the first time Batman has been bested, and he is crippled both physically and mentally for six months. He is eventually healed by paranormal means and finishes the job.

This event is significant because it completely changed Batman's view on his limitations. Additionally, he realizes the peril and burden of attempting to work in solitude, so he then gets a sidekick, also known as Robin.
In Beowulf's last battle, he fights a dragon, which pushes him to his limits and, although the dragon dies, it takes Beowulf down with it. This is the only monster he has faced that could best him, although Grendel's mother came close.

This event is significant because it made Beowulf realize that he is not invincible or immortal, that all men must die. His pride and greed got the best of him, and led to his death.
Batman - Knightfall
In conclusion, Batman and Beowulf are both considered to be heroes, even if they occasionally represent the polar sides of the term. They have different factors which affect and shape who they are, and what they do when put in certain situations. Overall, even though they handle situations differently, they both show the traits of heroism.
Beowulf is similar to the heroes in classic American folk tales in the sense that he greatly exaggerated. He possesses superior strength and agility. He defeats Grendel alone with his bare hands, something that the best armies were unable to do.

He is also cocky, arrogant, and prideful. The reason he fights evil is for fame and glory, nothing more, nothing less. He will also fight battles for whoever will pay him, even though he has no real reason for the money. Beowulf relies on muscle and brawn in battle, and uses armor and weapons as needed.
Bruce Wayne (Batman) witnessed the murder of his mother and father when he was about 10 years old. He inherited his fathers company, Wayne Enterprises, and used the money he earned from that to devote his life to fighting crime in Gotham City.
Beowulf is the son of Edgetho and nephew to Higlac (King of the Geats). This makes him of noble birth. He is from southern Sweden and eventually travels to Denmark in order to help Hrothgar (King of the Danes) get rid of the monster named Grendel.
Characters and Setting
Beowulf Event Significance
By Cameron Hilbert
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