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struggles in sing to the dawn

No description

yasmin affandy

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of struggles in sing to the dawn

The novel is set in a rural village, where every family is struggling to live while paying the landlord after each harvest.

All the kids went to school with one objective in mind, to change the future of their family through education.

Their family put their hopes on these children's shoulders because there are no other way out from their current situation.
Because the gap between the farmers and the landlords are too wide. They

Making a difference
Dawan believes that she too are able to make a difference and change the way things are in their village.

The others - Father, Kwai and Noi thinks otherwise. They do not believe in her because as a girl, it is difficult for her to stand up against people that are bigger and stronger than she is. Her voice and opinion might not matter and are of no importance because of gender discrimination.
Do you face the same struggle in your life?
Dawan's struggles
Kwai would have no problems to further his studies in the city because it is expected of him, as a male and as the son who will continue the family name and bears the responsibility of elevating the family's status in the community.

This ideology is prevalent in Asian societies, not only in Thailand. Sons will have more privilege in the family, in this case, Kwai should go to the city rather than Dawan although Dawan won the scholarship. Dawan had the chance to study at the village school only after Kwai persuaded their father.
Struggling to improve life
Sing To The Dawn
Dawan's fight
Fights for her right to further her studies in the city
Refuses to back down although everyone is against her
Was supportive of his sister before she beat him and get the scholarship
Changes his attitude, from supportive to oppressive when he lost his chance to his sister
Had the same idea that Dawan is incapable to make a change
Believes that Kwai should go as he could make a difference as a man
Dawan should not continue her studies because she is incapable of making a difference
She would be a homemaker even after she came back from the city
Head Monk
Suggests to Dawan to continue learning religion rather than going to the city to learn "'modern" syllabus
Stated that it is acceptable if Kwai is going to the city to learn - stating that it is not a big problem
Noi and her husband
The city is a difficult place for Dawan and she will not survive
A lot of girls that traveled to work in the city are involved in a lot of ''dangerous'' work
Dissuade Dawan to try her luck in the city
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