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Simple machines for dummies

if you are a dummie this is the perfect way to learn about simple machines

rene,libby,maddy werock1

on 25 February 2010

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Transcript of Simple machines for dummies

simple machines levie board or bar that rest on a turning point a turning piont is called fulcrum an object that a lever moves is the load the closer the object is to the fulcrum the easier it is to move Inclined plane is a flat surface that is higher on one end makes work moving things alot easier would need less energy and force to move objects example of a incline plane ramp slide slanted road The wheel and axle axle is a rod that goes through the wheel lets the wheel turn easily to move from place to place examples of the wheel and axle cars roller skates Screw another simple machine is an inclined plane wraped around a cylinder or post has ridges and is not smooth like a nail some screws are used to lower and rise things used also to hold objects together examples of screws jar lids light bulbs spiral stair case Wedge a simple machine that is used to push two objects apart is made up of two inclined planes planes meet and form a sharp edge edge can split things up examples of a wedge Knife Fork nail Pulley made up of a wheel and a rope they let you move loads up,down,and side ways there good for moving objects to hard to reach places Examples of the pulley Flag poles Cloths lines Cranes Pictures of some simple machines The round end turns the axle A cylinder post causes movment
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