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Digital Marketing

No description

Qi Du

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Digital Marketing

By Matrix Digital Marketing Capabilities Reduce marketing costs
Flexibility & Accessibility
Communication& Interactivity Challenges Efficient? Case Studies It is All About Engagement!!! Future Qs for discussion What's Digital Marketing Internet Marketing PC Internet Smartphone Tablet Ipad Iphone Internet
marketing Promotions Emails social
network SEO Online
shopping Media Customer
data A platform on the Internet where people can interact with each other Context is king and Content is queen.
--Steve Jobs Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing Target all the customers Target different segments Strategy Digital
Marketing Easy Reducing Marketing costs Lower costs compared to other strategies Lower costs in marketing research Reduce waste, time, and physical resources used in marketing activities
Sustainability From Company websites e.g. Questionnaire
Others e.g. Blog, Forum, Web board, Facebook Online shopping Available websites as platform
Don’t need retail outlet (Saving Retail Cost)
Disintermediation (Cut Middleman out)
Reduce inventory cost (e.g. Dell, Iphone5) Examples Flexibility & Accessibility Reach large group of global customers Access 24/7 information
No Time Barrier and no Geological Barrier
Has Long Shelf Life
Internet using is increasing sharply
65% UK household in 2008, 70% in 2009, 73% in 2010
35 % of consumer spend more than 3 hours online per day Easier to access customer data Customer Behavior
Customer preferences Communication & Interactivity Customer to Company Customer to Customer Company to Customer Attractive promotion campaign
Fast, up-to-date, easily adapt
Establish deep customer relationship
Increase brand recognition and brand awareness
Credibility Fast and instant respond; feedbacks Experience/ information sharing
Electronic Word-of-Mouth (e-WOM) Target young people
Lack of customer segments Effective? Time and efforts consuming
Fixed formats
No tastes, smell, feeling, physical attributes Easy? No face-to-face talking
Negative side of e-WOM
How customers reach information Necessary? The aim of using digital marketing Nintendo Wario Land “shake it” Channel Youtube Results Target markets Teenage gamers Awareness: increase from 12% to 24% (4 million/first month) Sales: Game sales fell short of the precampaign goal of 350,000 units by the end of 2008 Doritos Hotel 626 Channel Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Target Markets 16- to 24-year-old Males Results Awareness: 12 million visitors, 188 countries (13 mins/each) Sales: Doritos’ “resurrected” Halloween flavours sold out in stores within three weeks of launch http://www.youtube.com/user/wariolandshakeit2008?feature=results_main "One of the key things to remember if you are new to digital marketing is this: digital marketing isn't actually about technology
at all; It's all about people."
"Technology merely affords you, the marketers, new and exciting platforms that allow you to connect with people in increasingly diverse and relevant ways. Digital Marketing is not about understanding the underlying technology, but rather about understanding people, how they are using that technology and how you can leverage that to engage with them more effectively"
(Ryan and Jones, 2012) (Augustine Fou, 2012) in theory But Difficult in Practice Organizational
Co-operation Improvements Get customers involved in
decision making e.g. vote for best promotion strategy on facebook Encourage E-WOM e.g. special offers/discounts To reach new E-business model (adopting digital marketing), should organizations redesign their architecture? Does traditional marketing still matter today? Have you ever attracted by digital marketing strategy (e.g. social media, and etc.) (Mathieson, 2010) (Mathieson, 2010) (Qualman, 2010) (Qudos Digital, 2010) Chu & Kim, 2011) (Fatmir, 2012; Scott, 2011; Barefoot et. al, 2009) (Bishop & Lucy, 2011; Gretchen, 2012)
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