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Master Thesis

Inspiring people

Mark Tricarico

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Master Thesis

How to boost employees´ creative performance? Master Thesis January 12 September May leadership
behavior survey
company visits
data collection Obtaining data Empowerment
Directive Leadership
Ideal Communication
Risk-Taking Antecedents ''Employees can decide on their own'' Empowerment Directive Leadership ''Supervisors give precise instructions and guidelines to follow'' Ideal Communication ''Communicating how the future should be'' Risk-Taking ''The tendency of supervisors to take or avoid risks in their day-to-day activities'' '' The extent to which leaders provide assistance for, and encouragement of employees’ creative performance'' Questions ''Solving the same problems in novel ways, suggest new ways of performing work tasks or have new and innovative ideas'' Team Performance Link to the Team 'identification' Round II: Tip Yes ...
that was just the tip of the iceberg. More research is needed!!! This is a huge mountain!? Conclusion giving precise instructions or guidelines stimulates
taking risks is good
hire young adults (fresh ideas and higher team performance)
the importance of support for creativity is a bit overestimated,
thus only support;
good performing teams
males, since then they perform more creative
employees young of age
employees who are recently hired by the company other leadership behaviors
different research methods Happy creative follower = the influence of direct supervisors on the creative performance of their subordinates After the literature review and, thus, before the actual research... Literature Research ? ''My new best friend'' data analysis
recommending positive?
positive? Perceived by subordinates Support for Creativity Creative Performance of the subordinates positive? positive? positive? Why Creativity? source of competitive strength
basic ingredient of innovations
needed to stay ahead of competitors = essential for long-term survival ! supervisors can directly influence the creativity of their followers Results ? Behaviors of leaders 'group operation' Link to Team ''The linkage of individuals to a greater good, the team, with the same values, identity and vision'' Team Performance ''The process and engagement of individuals who together, as a group, accomplish their tasks and share their achievements''
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