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Culminating Task: Firegirl

No description

kristen yucamco

on 25 May 2018

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Transcript of Culminating Task: Firegirl

Interpreted by: Kristen Yucamco
Explanation #3
Evidence #3
Evidence #2
Explanation #2
Explanation #1
Evidence #1
In the story, Tom is thankful that Jessica voted for him. It is believable for Tom to be thankful because he knows that jessica supports him.
Tom is credible because he has realistic emotions.
This book is called "Firegirl'' by Tony Abbott.Tom is an ordinary seventh grader and his classmates learned that Jessica has been in a fire and was badly burned . She is going to be at St.Catherines hospital to get medical treatments. Jessica thought she would fear that she would see in Tom ,the friendship that would change Tom's life.

"As horrible as I thought they would look, when I imagined what burned people looked like, it was nothing compared to what stepped into the room.''
In the story,tom is shocked by the girl who was badly burned.it is believable for tom to be shocked because she had a really bad burn.
" I felt as if everyone's eyes were on me.''
In the story, tom feels nervous because everybody is staring at him.it is credible for tom to be nervous because he has to grab her hand.
"Mostly, I'd want to tell her thank you."
In conclusion, Tom is credible because he has realistic emotions. I think this is a sad book because Tom has to struggle with a friend that was badly burned.
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