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Alabama Moon Character Analysis

No description

Bradlie Walters

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Alabama Moon Character Analysis

Alabama Moon Character Analysis
Mr. Abroscotto
Mr. Gene
Constable Sanders
Uncle Mike
Lives in a shelter in the forest
Enjoyed Jail
Lived in the woods, until his father died
Hates the Government
Trying to get to Alaska
Bad at math
Moons father
Died of infection
Taught moon to hate the government
He taught moon how to read and write
Fought in the Vietnam War
Owns a store
Docter/ Pharmasist
He wants a "normal" life for moon
Trys to get moon is a foster home
Moon does not consider him to be his friend
Mr. Wellington
Moon first saw him sitting in a chair in a cabin
Lawyer who turns moon into the foster care
He bought the land that moon was living on
Personality : kind hearted, provider helpful
Foster Care Representative
Lives behind foster home
Mr.Wellington called him to pick up moon
Moon vomited in his vehicle after getting car sick
Constable/ Police officer
Personality : Jerk, Potty-mouth, not a family man, bad temper and controling
Wealthy land-owner who threatens to evict people off lease land
In jail because of drinking
Personality : kind, alcoholic, understanding
Static Character
Allowed moon to get for food while in jail
Threatened Mr.Sanders
Works at Pinson Boys Home
Personality : Mean when needs to be, nice if your not bad, Strict, Kind, Fatherly
Punished Hal for bullying Moon.
Dynamic Character
Alabama Moon
Literary Elements
Define : Protagonsit is the main character.
Protagonist : Moon
Define : Who is against the Protagonist

Antagonist : Constable Sanders
Dynamic Characters
Define : Help develop plot

Dynamic Character : Hal, Mr.Abroscotto, Pap, Moon
Static Characters
Define : Characters the book could go without

Static Characters : Uncle Mike , Moons Mom

Define : Develops the plot
Exposition in Story : The expositon of the story is when Moon's pap died. This is the expostion part of the story because if moons pap didnt die none of this would be happening. Moon wouldn't have had Kit with him in a different forest. Moon would still be in the forest and shelter by his self with his pap.
Moons pap died. Pap told moon that he needed to go to Alaska , because there were more people like him up there. On Moons way up to Alaska moon gets caught by Sanders and gets sent to Pinson.
I think the theme of the story is to not be so independent and let other people help you. Don't be rude when people try to help you.


- Conflict is the main problem in the story

- Moons pap died and he is trying to get to Alaska but gets caught.
Rising Action
- The rising action is before the climax or is getting to the climax.
- The rising action is when Moons pap dies and he is about to leave for Alaska people find out that he buried his own pap.
The climax is the exciting part of the story .

- The climax is when Moon gets caught.
Falling Action
The Falling Action brings the story to a satisfying end

- Moon never gets caught and stays in the forest.
Solved the problem
- The resolution is Hal and his dad pick moon up so he doesnt get caught.
Literary Conflicts
Man vs. nature - opposed to natures forces
Man vs. himself - main character struggles with things against his self.
Man vs. Man - between main character and another person.

- This book is Man vs. Man. I think this becasue Moon has problems with alot of people. And is trying to not get caught.
• Dynamic Character
• Chews red man tobacco
•Mr.Mitchell is his father
• Bully turned friend
•Fugitive who lives in a clay pit with his father
• He is 13 and can drive
• Escaped pinson driving a bus
• Met moon at pinson
• Moon's first real friend
• Sick with cancer
• Ward of the state
• Enjoys living outside with moon
•Personality : kind, works hard, has a good attitude, adapts well

She is a cook and hair dresser
Static Character
Does not feel appreciated at her job
Teacher in Pinson
Static Character
First dog sent by Sanders
Lives with Hal
Bloodhound that drools and licks hal
Second dog sent by Sanders
Also a bloodhound that lives with hal
Hals father
Owns a clay pit (lives near the clay pit)
Drives a rusty truck
Played baseball with Sanders when they were younger
In the war
Alcoholic and chews tobacco
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