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Philosophy Final Project

No description

Kyle Bergen

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Philosophy Final Project

What is Philosophy: Part 2
By Kyle Bergen
What I Thought Then:
What I Think Now:
Why Has My View Changed:
What I Could Have Done Way Better:
Why I Chose To Make Those Decisions:
What I've Learned:
At the beginning of the year I thought Philosophy was like a lock
I believed that each little adjustment on a lock represents a philosophers ideas, knowledge and opinions. Only when they come together like all the adjustments on a lock can we answer the question.
I also believed that people come together in order to try and figure out the tougher questions in life
I still believe what I said way back in September, however, instead of people coming together its more people building on others ideas which could eventually lead to the lock unlocking
I also thought that philosophy was the study of different ideas and trying to find the answer to them, such as does god exist or do colors exist
But in in my opinion I was wrong, yes it may be trying to find the answer to different answers but its also......
Peoples views on certain topics
Opinions on what one may do in certain situations
Or even what is beautiful
My view has not changed but been altered on what I think philosophy is because over the course of this semester I have been exposed to many aspects philosophy has to offer
The biggest thing that I will take away from this course is how much philosophy is in everything that we do around us and how it has always been apart of our lives and we never knew it
From whether or not the decisions we make are morally right
Or how something that I may find beautiful someone else may not necessarily find beautiful as well, and how it all ties into aesthetics
To how the colors that we see around us everyday may not even exist
My biggest downfall in this class was not participating in the class discussions that we would have
And even though I told myself to participate more I just never did it.....
I don't really have a great excuse as to why I decided to make that decision because it inevitably affected my grade and was my own fault
But I will say I could have spent more time understanding each topic we would cover because my lack of preparation forced me to try and understand it during the discussions
And by the time I somewhat understood what we were talking about it the topic would change or it got more complex leaving me in the dust, and again no one else to blame but myself
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