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No description

cody Dyer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Graffiti

When people mention graffiti, they instantly think criminals that tag walls with words that cannot be read, this is true in a way, but graffiti is also in the form of art. There are many different styles and techniques uses for making a tag. This is why there is so many different tags because people make up there own unique style. Graffite is definded as writing on the wall , which started back in the times of ancient Rome. Graffite was used by people in a way to get their "rep" up. Today 's graffite has evolved into what I consider an art, because the arist isn't just drawing meanless stuff they are expressing themselves in their own way. In this picture you can see that many different effects and styles are used to create someone's own unique style.
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