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Spreading of Buddhism + Christianity Beginning-1450 BCE

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Sean Roberts

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Spreading of Buddhism + Christianity Beginning-1450 BCE

Origin of Buddhism
-Originated in Northeastern India around the 6th century BCE
-Buddhism is based on the values of Prince Siddhartha, who spend a lot of his life traveling to spread wisdom. He soon gathered followers, and his teachings and customs began to spread.
-Decline of Buddhism in India started in about 300 CE
Spread of Buddhism and Christianity
By: Meg Shriber, Isabella Pollock, Alyssa Wybo, Sean Roberts, Irika Sinha, Rand Ferch
Spread to China
-Spread to China by Indian monks traveling the Silk Road
-Buddhism became known to the Chinese during the latter part of the Han Dynasty (150 CE)
-Took about a century to become completely assimilated into Chinese culture
-The Chinese began to add concepts of Daoism to their Buddhist beliefs
-They started to teach Buddhism in schools, and Buddhism eventually became more socially popular than Daoism
Spread to Korea
Spread to Japan
Origin of Christianity
-Buddhism started being introduced to the Japanese from about 538-552 CE by Korean traders
-The religion had a lasting effect, and the Japanese built temples, painted pictures and produced other products representing their Buddhist practices
-Became the faith of all classes in the Kamakura Period of 1185-1333 BC
-Formed the Zen branch of Buddhism
-Christianity originated in Jerusalem

Spread to Europe
-Christianity was spread to many different cities in Europe by missionaries who dedicated their lives to spreading their beliefs and religion.
-Missionaries would go to many cities in Europe and preach the word of God.
-Paul was one of the first and most important missionaries who later became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

-Christianity originated from Jerusalem in the 1st century C.E.
-It was first started by Paul, an apostle of Jesus who helped spread Jesus's wisdom after his death.

-Introduced in Korea by China in 372 CE
-Koreans incorporated concepts of the local religion, Shamanism, into Buddhism
-The gods Sanshin, Toksong and Chilsong became part of Korean buddhism
-Flourished from 918-1392 CE during the Goryeo Dynasty
-During the Joseon Dynasty of 1392-1910 BC, Buddhists were exiled from Korea and Buddhism was outlawed in the cities
-During the Japanese Colonial Period of 1910-1945, Buddhism was finally accepted back into Korea, but there was conflict between Japanese Buddhists and "true Korean" Buddhists
Spread of Christianity to Rome
-Christianity was spread to Rome by missionaries, but at first Christianity was looked down upon by the Romans, and Christians were often severely punished for their religious beliefs.
-Christians were often punished by death in the Colosseum.
-Christianity became legal and the
persecution of it was ended when Emperor Constantine converted in 312 CE.
-This conversion made it a dominant
religion even after his reign (the Roman
Empire controlled much of
western Europe).
Spread to Vietnam
-Introduced in 200 CE by Chinese and Indian monks
-In 939 CE, the Chinese were exiled from Vietnam, and Buddhism became fully supported
-During the Ly Dynasty of 1010 to 1214 CE, Buddism was made a state religion
-The Vietnamese stopped considering Buddhism an imported religion, and began to add their own beliefs and develop different branches
Spread to Thailand
-Introduced in 300 CE by the Indian King Asoka's monks
-Became accepted and began to spread throughout Thailand during the Mahayana period
-Began to develop their own branches of Buddhism
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