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No description

felipe medina

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Windsurf

WINDSURF Additional equipment Types of windsurf Slalom WINDSURF RULES History EQUIPMENT The windsurfing is surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing 1. Starboard navigator takes precedence over port tack

2. Bathers have absolute priority over surfers and windsurfers, surfers and in turn have absolute priority over windsurfers

3.The windsurfer part to long to deal with a wave and jump it has priority over the surf windsurfer and returns to the coast

4.The first windsurfer wave takes precedence over other

5. When two windsurfers are in a wave without knowing exactly who has grabbed first has priority that is located upwind In 1948, 20-year old Newman Darby was the first to conceive the idea of using a handheld sail and rig mounted on a universal joint so that he could control his small catamaran—the first rudderless sailboard ever built that allowed a person to steer by shifting his or her weight in order to tilt the sail fore and aft. BOARDS MAST BOTAVARA Sail Harness
Harness lines
Wet suit/Dry suit
Personal flotation device
Travel Gear:
Sail Bags, Board Bags, Car Racks Best places
for windsurf Bonaire MAUI Sylt Australia In Africa IN AMERICA TARIFA Fuerteventura In Europe Guincho Karpathos In Oceania Cabo verde Antonie Albeau Valerie Arrighetti Jose "Gollito" Estredo Freestyle Sarah-Quita Offringa Waves Philip Köster Iballa Ruano Moreno Other Competitions:

Olympic Windsurfing Class

Formula Windsurfing Class

Raceboard Class Super X

Speed Racing The End
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