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Who is more complicated gender: men or women?

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kimia taghiour

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Who is more complicated gender: men or women?

women and men are both complicated in different ways and it all depends on how we express it also basically ,we can't blame it on the gender but as individuals itself.
complexity is what life is about without it there's nothing to achieve ;we wont learn how to grow.
but we all should learn to have respect and understanding for both sexes/genders on how we feel, what we think and who we are.
E.g women mostly tend to care about their appearance /to look good and mostly be perfect as possible maybe .this could be caused by how women were treated back in time ,how they were unrated until rights and equality gave them a chance.
Has been said for so many years that the women are the more complicated gender.
....what do you think?
why not men?
could this be the society?
Women are said to be like open books ;expressive towards their needs,desires,wants,emotions and etc.
some people bring female complications to biological reasons as well such as hormones and physical features.
A simple color psychology study reveals, that what may be simply "purple" to a man, could be grape, plum or any other fruit-like variant to a woman.
Men Vs Women

Who is more complicated gender:

Women also tend to need more attention then men , this could why some women are very quite and do not dominate in their character because there's always some expectations E.g emotionally.
communication can also be why women are known to be complicated ;when they say something there's mostly an explicit meaning behind it
this video is just a general idea of women and men , not all have the same reaction to certain topics
:Complications and Requires
Men are said to be direct and on point , this could also be because they don't like complications due to lack of understanding;they're more easy-going ,usually.
the reason that men do not show a lot of emotion feelings could be because they're meant o have a strong characteristics ,physically and mentally.

“Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.”
“we are unique individuals with unique experiences”
-john gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
men feel like not being in control is being out of control
its currently believed that men have a hard time expressing due to some aspects of the brain
its also been said that men would like to have a final saying
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