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Ellen DeGeneres Powerpoint- English

No description

Isabella Marquez

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Ellen DeGeneres Powerpoint- English

By: Isabella Marquez
Oralia Martinez
Ashley Gusman
Jasmine Marquez
Period # 4 Ellen DeGeneres Early Life - Ellen DeGeneres was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana to parents Elizabeth and Elliot DeGeneres
-She has one brother named Vance
- In her family, she was never the comedic one, instead it was her brother
-Her brother influenced her and inspired her to go into comedy, but at the time she wanted to become a veterinarian, but soon gave up on it
-The idea of preforming in front of a crowd has always terrified her, and used comedy and humor to get through it Early Work Ellen: The Talk Show -Ellen soon returned to television when she launched her own daytime talk show on September 2003.
-She received such high praise that the show was nominated in 11 Daytime Emmy, and earned 4 during its first season.
-At the time, her daytime show was one of the most watched talked shows
-She is best known for her dancing and singing with the audience in the beginning of the show and during commercial breaks.
-The audience loved her rude and sarcastic charm Ellen: The Sitcom -Ellen became more popular when she received her own television show called Ellen: The Sitcom (originally titled "These Friends of Mine")
-The ABC show was widely popular because of Ellen's style of humor
-The sitcom began to lose its audience when Ellen made her homosexuality public on the Oprah Winfrey Show revealing that she was gay.
-Later episodes of the series did not match its popularity, and with the declined ratings, the show was canceled.
-DeGeneres soon returned to stand up comedy Other Careers -While Ellen was not busy working on her daytime show, she lent her voice in the animated movie "Finding Nemo". The movie was a block buster hit.
-In February 2010, she appeared on American Idol as a judge, but departed shortly after she felt it wasn't right for her.
-She became a commercial spokes woman for American Express, Cover Girl cosmetics, and J.C. Penny.
-On May 2010, Ellen announced that she is starting her own record label titled "Eleven eleven".
-Ellen DeGeneres expressed that she doesn't know what the future will bring her, but she is for sure certain that comedy will always be a part of her life. -She started preforming as a stand up comedian in local clubs and coffee houses
-Ellen landed her big break when she worked on "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson"
-She began to say random things to the audience, and they found it very funny and amusing. Eventually, she became a favorite of the crowd.
-Since then, she appeared in popular talk shows, that demanded her comedic charm and wit.
-She is often loud and outgoing when preforming.
-Ellen likes to use sarcasm, exaggeration, and rudeness as her comedic style.
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