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Corporate finance

No description

jose ignacio sanchez mesa

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Corporate finance

En resumen

Corporate finance
Juan José Herreras
Laura González
Laura Sierra
José Ignacio Sánchez

What is Va como un tiro?
It is a Spanish capital company
Forecast FCF and ECF
Equity Cash Flow
Free Cash Flow
Assumptions used...
Risk Free rate
Market risk premium
Growth rate
Average: 4,98
Dedicated to the technological business
And who owner wants to sell to earn cash
The purpose of this work is
know the value of the company and his situation
To decided if is interested invest in the company
High OWC
Positive forecast
High FCF
Debt reduction
Positive forecast
High rank to remove crisis effect
Market return are mainly based on spanish landscape
Additional risk
Sales evolution
Market situation
Other companies
Terminal value
Not book value
Market value
Leverage changes every year
Calculated for each year
Decrease debt
Financial forecast
Mature company
No cyclical
Correct forecast
Increase cash
Decrease debt
Decrease interest
and increase nfd
Not liquidity problem
Good financial situation
Pay attention on the past year
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