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SLACK SWOT analysis

No description

Nicole Silva

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of SLACK SWOT analysis

What is SLACK?
"Team communication for the 21st century"
Although slack offers a way to communicate with co-workers, friends, or even a school project group Slack’s many features are limited and not available unless you pay a fee to access the services.
Can be used as a collaboration tool
Available in ALL platforms
Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov
2013 -
8,000 Customers withing 24 hours of launch
10,000 New Daily active users
End of 2015 -
More than a million active users

Another capability that Slack offers is being able to create channels, so different members of different “departments” can have their own channel, so there is no confusion. You can also send a message to just one individual, which makes privacy not a problem.
Integration of more than 17 applications
Slack lets you search through your whole “channel” or whatever is being used and you can find what you are looking for, right away. There are several filters that can be applied and you will be able to find what you need.
With these nice features it can turn into a pricey method to communicate for larger groups.
Just like checking e-mail many users access Slack by using applications on their phone or on a computer, by using different devices. Slack does not always recognize that a notification has been viewed therefore notifications do not always go away when working across multiple devices. This can be confusing to the user of the flow of the conversation.
Another ability that Slack does not offer is a calendar that can address due dates or scheduled meeting times. Since the only way to address a deadline on Slack is to send a message to the channel the date can be easily lost with continuous conversation.
It has the potential to bring distance education forward by leaps and bounds in terms of creating an interactive, multi-user environment that's as rewarding as it is fun to use.
Slack is ideal for students and professors
in many ways.
Lightweight application, it is available across a wide variety of operating systems for both computer and mobile devices.
It allows for collaboration that rivals even the most well-connected study group.
Information Technology
Slack meets the needs of even the most demanding IT power user, with limitless integration possibilities, an extremely shallow learning curve, and strict confidentiality, security, and payment processing standards.
Information Technology professionals are among the most tech-savvy users slack has, and they generally have high standards when it comes to collaboration platforms.
They demand intuitive interfaces, customization and integration with other applications, and security that helps them feel safe sharing potentially proprietary information over digital channels.
The lightweight and intuitive nature of Slack lends itself to being an inexpensive, low-ramp-up addition to any business environment.
Small businesses and large enterprises stand to gain a great deal from Slack as a collaboration tool.
Slack supports file sharing, a large number of users, extensive archiving and many more useful tools for businesses that thrive on teamwork.
There is no built-in shared calendar but Slack integrates seamlessly into many other calendars and applications already in use by many businesses, including google calendar, dropbox, mailchimp, and much more.
The biggest threat for Slack at the moment is going to be Google and its respective features such as Gmail, Google drive, and Google hangouts.
Similar to Slack, these features were created for the purpose of community connecting and communicating. Slack’s main features include file sharing, group chatting, and interactive collaboration between virtually anyone. All of the following Google features propose a similar purpose that becomes a bit of a threat to Slack being successful.
With Gmail, people are able to send messages back and forth in either a formal way or an informal way through the chat. Google hangouts is also used mainly for the purpose of group chatting or video conferencing with others. Lastly, Google Drive and Google Docs, the most similar features and biggest threat to Slack, were created for the main purpose of File sharing and group collaboration.
It is an innovative and unique 21st century office communicating system
Able to do lots of business to business advertising and create awareness about product.
Can keep up with fast changing technology
Promotes communication and engagement.
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