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Steve R Gibson Prezi

Resume CV Steve R Gibson

Steve Gibson

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Steve R Gibson Prezi

Steve R Gibson Presentation Resume Developed, executed, and managed online marketing plans for multiple clients. Communicate with clients, staff and third party contributors to develop online presence, marketing plans and revenue goals. Market research and analyses planning. Innovate new ideas and spaces for online opportunities. Create social network plans and build communities.

Selected Clients and Projects

Development of Social Media Plan, Website and Online Promotion for Stan Lee POW Entertainment.

Creation of Full Social Media Site for Metal Mulisha Drinks.

Developed initial goals, marketing plan and strategic plans for Spec Ops Paintball.

Created over 50 websites and marketing plans for internet clients.

Set up web sites and online applications for non profit, charity organizations including Boys and Girls Club, TVPHP, Race4Humanity, RodRunTemecula, Temecula Rotary Skyabove Lockheed Martin Values sustain us. They give us a foundation on which to stand.
They provide a firm grip for purchase when we face
challenges and a quiet assurance of our worth.

Steve Gibson's Core Values:

Leadership - Action creates leadership and learning sustains it. Inspire others, communicate their worth, their value and their potential.

Empowerment - Empower yourself and those around you to reach for something more.

Optimism - Winners never quit and quitters never win. Look for the good in everything.

Courage - Honesty stems from courage. Have the courage to tell the truth at all times.

Execution - Get things done. If you can do it now, do it now - if it's later, schedule it - if it's complex, plan it. Above all complete it.

Abundance - Grow in all ways. Live in abundance. Ours is a world of opportunity.

Passion - Have passion, energy and drive in all that you do. Otherwise, why bother?

Innovation - Distinguish yourself by finding a different way, a better way, and sometimes the current way. Portfolio Skills Contact Me Professional Experience About Steve R Gibson Values Interest Online Marketing

Social Media

Mass Movement Theory

Color Theory



Art History

Krav Maga

Martial Arts Main Site
http://www.stevergibson.com Profile Site
http://www.stevergibson.me Phone - 951-760-7732 email - skyabove@gmail.com COUNTY IT INTEGRATIONS SPECIALIST, 1997 – 1999
LOCKHEED MARTIN – Santa Ana, California
http://www.lockheedmartin.com - http://www.oc.ca.gov

Worked within a public company to provide services for the County of Orange CA. Developed Intranet to link all main departments including Sheriff, Health, Waste Management, Board of Supervisors and Community Resources. Established design and layout of overall site oc.ca.gov and internal departmental sites.

Selected Contributions:

Created and administered comprehensive intranet training program for all departments in county sectors.

Co-created Area51 network to track and report info on hackers.

Developed Board of Supervisors Meeting on Demand system.

Created Opinion Online System.

Both of these systems are still in use today with small cosmetic changes. DIRECTOR OF MARKETING
2001 – Present
Temecula, California
www.skyabove.com Developed and managed all online marketing directives including pay per click, organic search, site design, content development, marketing channels and online media buys. Defined and evaluated product marketing collateral, programs, and analyses. Managed tracked, projected, and reported all online marketing efforts. Tracked CPA (Cost Per Aquissition) across all marketing segments. Provided leadership and direction to marketing associates and vertical business units to ensure marketing congruence with objectives.

Selected Contributions:

Complete build out of online marketing vertical including identifying targeted customers and groups, effective pricing strategies, service enhancement and retention, cost per acquisition.

Planned and led execution of online advertising campaign that tripled monthly revenue.

Design and development of Strategic Business Units for all departments.

Co-Development of tracking system to measure marketing campaigns and advertising.

Creation and management of affiliate programs for resellers, agents and outside sales. Lexington DIRECTOR OF ONLINE MARKETING
2001 – 2004
Bountiful Utah
http://www.lexingtonlaw.com Created strategic teams and internal business units to innovate, research, build out and execute marketing functions. Established and managed marketing administration group comprised of department managers and team members. All meetings were conducted online using internal systems.

Selected Contributions:

Development and coordination of e-marketing team, media team, affiliate integration team and strategic partner team.

Set up strategic alliances with leading industry partners including HP, Logitech, and others.

Developed layout of applications for use with proprietary DSL Web Bar for commercial and advertisement integration.

Liaison between marketing efforts and program development. Winfire VP DIRECTOR ONLINE MARKETING
1999 – 2001
Santa Ana, California Promo Vid Talented, Online Marketing Manager with a proven record of accomplishments in developing and deploying comprehensive marketing strategies. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing marketing teams. Adept at communicating with management, strategic business units, third party vendors, and internal departments to coordinate overall online marketing efforts.

Strategic Online Planning•Online Media Planning and Purchasing
Social Media Integration •Research & Development of Channels
Web Development & Management•Team Building & Management
E-Business Metrics and Analytics•Budget Preparation and Allocation
E-Marketing Innovation•Project Management Here are just a few sites I have built, marketed, designed for or done general work on. Special Ops Paintball www.specialopspaintball.com Race For Humanity www.race4humanity.org Alaska Kings www.alaskakings.com P 4 L Fitness www.p4lfitness.com Valley Business Journal www.valleybusinessjournal.com Premier Martial Arts www.temeculakarate.com This is by no means a complete list or even the favorites.

A more complete layout of sites and companies can be found at my site. www.stevergibson.com Joomla (1.0, 1.5)
Media Development
Video Editing
Streaming Systems
Station Setup
Social Media Development and Integration
Social Networks
Social Bookmarking
Video Sharing
Photo Sharing
Music, Bumps, Transistions
Social Aggregation
Forum Development
Third Party Platform Integration
Content Development
Article Writing
Topic Correlation
Content Research
Search Engine Placement and Optimization
Competitive Review
Industry Forensics
Local Search Integration
Online Marketing and Advertising
Market Research
Lead Generation
Direct Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile (cell phone, text) Marketing
Blog/Vlog Development
Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Viddler, Mogulus, etc...
Ad Integration
Blog Search Submission
Cost Per Click Campaign Set Up and Management
Competitive Review
Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing
Campaign Development
Key-term/word Research
Geographical Targeting
Multi Group, Campaign with A/B Testing
Tracking, Tagging and Analytics
Video integration
Facebook Ads
Business Development
Product Research
Brand Development
Survey Integration
Business Plan Creation
Public Relations
PR Release Creation
Buzz Marketing
Reputation Management
Sales Integration
Sales Presentations
Sales Script Development
Lead Purchasing
Lead Generation 14 years of sales and marketing.
4 years of social media development and advertising.
9 years managing design, programming and marketing staffs.
Strong organizational and analytical skills with the ability to quickly diagnose a situation and make a decision.
Marketing coordination and strategic planning.
Direct sales with the ability to train and motivate a sales force.
Concept to reality driven marketing plans and prospectus with attention to project management.
In depth knowledge of Website software such as DreamWeaver, FrontPage, Joomla, Expressions, etc…
Strong knowledge of Photoshop, Fireworks, Image Styler, and other graphic programs. Full List of Skills Steve R Gibson Steve R Gibson Getting Involved Rotary - Service organization that is truly involved in its local community.
- Built current Temecula site

TVPHP - Temecula Valley People Helping People
- Built current site.

Race4Hummanity- Supervisor Jeff Stone and Lori Stone Annual Marathon.
- Built and maintain current website

Boys and Girls Club SouthWest County
- Developed current website. Do not maintain. Spend your time, effort and energy in your circle of influence. That's where it matters most and can make the biggest difference.

Steve R. Gibson Welcome to the CV Presentation
for Steve R Gibson To start the presentation simply click
use the navigation below. Sites & Links Facebook Page http://www.stevergibson.com http://twitter.com/skyabove http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Steve-R-Gibson/36554914518 Blog Twitter Thank you for reviewing my resume.

I look forward to speaking with you in the very near future.

Don't leave yet.

Feel free to zoom around this presentation. There a few side items not on the tour.

Roll your mouse wheel down to see complete space. Upper Deck SENIOR ONLINE MARKETING MANAGER
2008 – 2010
Carlsbad, CA
http://www.upperdeck.com Developed and directed all online marketing strategies for leading trading card and collectibles company. Planned and executed social media strategy to leverage nature of collectibles market and existing communities, adding targeted, highly interactive blogs, forums, and ecommerce sites to rudimentary website and Facebook page.

•Increased sales 20% by migrating entire company to ecommerce system with new functionality (wish lists, social media and search engine marketing integration, multiple views of items produced in-house).

•Increased affiliate membership 300% and affiliate revenue 100%. Developed multiple social media sites for diverse Upper Deck brands (traditional sports trading cards for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL licenses and entertainment brands like World of Warcraft). Optimized websites and Facebook pages for widely varied fan communities. Assigned staff to monitor traffic and recruit top performers as affiliates.

•Structured complex PPC, banner advertising, and SEM campaigns for products with widely varying price points and ROI. Introduced use of real-time dynamic bidding and strategies based on time-sensitive metrics (popularity, seasonality). Drove sales of new, limited-edition $5K product through social media campaign.
•Reduced analytics costs $75K/year while improving metrics and reporting by migrating from Omniture to Google Analytics.
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