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Presentation on promoting global citizenship and school community.

Aloni Cahusac

on 12 February 2012

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Transcript of EARCOS 2011

Promoting Global Citizenship & School Community 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 1. Get interested and excited about blogging

2. Show new ideas & practical applications

3. Discuss global citizenship and school community

4. Make connections and share examples of how
global citizenship and school community can
be fostered through blogging A little bit about you... How do we carry out 21st century learning
inside 20th century school settings? A little bit about me... A little bit about you... We're not as 'stuck inside' as we sometimes think...

I am an explorer, a nomad, and a global citizen with a
quilt-work of cultural identity. I am an outdoor and
experiential-learning educator who believes in classrooms
without walls. When confined to indoor spaces, I infuse classroom teaching with a passion for technology, which can dissolve infrastructure, transporting students through time and often across geographical borders. I am dedicated to fostering academic excellence, metacognition, stewardship and responsible
leadership for the future of our global society. Currently, I
teach in a learning environment that is technology-rich,
imagination-driven, internationally-minded,
culturally diverse, inquiry-based
and infectiously fun. 1. Take a post-it and write your first name on the top

2. Next jot down any of the following things about yourself:
- who, what, where, when, why
(interpret this any way you'd like!)

3. Give your post-it to someone/get one from someone

4. Introduce the person whose post-it
you now have A little bit about today...
1. Lower School Blog

2. Grade Level Blogs

3. Clubs & Activities

4. Library, Specialists & Learning Services
CDNIS Blogging –
Creating School Community Classroom Blogging –
Promoting Global Citizenship
1. Giving learners an audience

2. Publishing work

3. Having conversations

4. Making connections University of Guelph
Wildife Biology Queen's University Toronto Outdoor & Experiential Education Vancouver Halifax Montego Bay West Bay Colegio La Arboleda Colegio Diana Oese Colegio Bolivar Cali The Canadian International School of Hong Kong Lamma Island EARCOS Teachers Conference 2011 Essential
1. Profile & Personality
- who are you?

2. Connections
- finding/knowing your audience?

3. Interactivity
- take your readers on a journey
bit.ly/hyH1ZG Contact Information
Aloni Cahusac

twitter - hkexplorer
skype - alonicahusac
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