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Career Shadowing- Kody Countryman

My day at tnt touchless

Kody Countryman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing- Kody Countryman

Career Shadowing By: Kody Countryman This company will be in
good shap in 15 years. Examples of Employabiliy skills
used in this job are, have to have
general knowledge of plumbing
and electricity, must have a valid
drivers liscence, and have to be
drug free. The purpose of this company
is to sell car wash equipment,
build car washes, and suply
servise to them once they
are open. The Avarege salary for this job
(Car wash business owner)
is around 100,000 dollars a year. Technology used in this jobis, computers, specialized tools, internet, and gps tracking. Skills needed for this specific
job are you must be a people-person, must have good listeng skills, and manage you time well. I would pursue a career in this company,
I would because it makes good money and Mr. Troy (person i career shadowed) said that you dont really need any spacific education to do this job. and p.s. they drive a 2009 mustang, a huge black H2, and a really nice BMW, that shows how much money this job can make you My favorite thing about this
job is being able to transfer
chemicals into larger containers. The thing i dislike the most
about this career is there is
a lot of paper work. Pictures
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