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Who Is Ms. Sklavos

No description

Shirley Sklavos

on 13 October 2018

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Transcript of Who Is Ms. Sklavos

I attended the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.
Four kids all grown.
Whitewater rafting trips with friends include costume parties.
Last Thoughts

Followed by two master's degrees from Kansas State.I'm a Nationally Board Certified teacher.
The name "Sklavos" is Greek. My husband is Greek but my ethnicity is English and German.
One grandchild.
A special husband.
I like to...
I like to garden. I raise most of our vegetables and...
Welcome to my class. I'm looking forward to working with you.
I like to tile. Here I am working on a bathroom remodel.
I road bike on our country roads, swim laps, lift weights, hike, or relax with yoga most days.
I'm a Green Bay Packer fan. Go Pack go!
I make bread from scratch - I even grind my own flour.I like to knit.

Teacher scored tests will require your to write in essay format. Complete sentences! Don't list...or use bullets.

Open your assignment, copy, paste into a word document and type in your responses. No need for a printer, scanner or fax machine.
I like to whitewater raft and kayak. I'm in the front with the white helmet paddling with the family.
and lots of shade perennials.
I like to take care of my "girls." They lay the most delicious eggs!
Did you know?
Enter into discussions twice. Complete them on time.
Meet Dawson and Levi, my "office assistants" and little buddies!
A teacher for 35 years....
A mother....
A wife....
The Family
My Granddaughter
I traveled with students on marine biology studies in the Bahamas or rain forest studies in Costa Rica for 17 summers.
Communicate often. I want to hear from you.
Be sure to find your Calendar. Put due dates into your assignment notebook.
Good energy and stimulating study!
Here's to a great course!!!!
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