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on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Acres

To make the fence I would buy ALOT of wood to make the fence.I would get wire so I can always not worry about animals eating all of my plants.
I would have 3 jobs one is selling another is building,and last is gardening.I would plant a flower garden.I would get alot of MONEY!
If I had 100 acres it was woods I would turn those woods into a bike trail.I would add a playground to the other half.I would make a bird bath,and a feeder.
how I would set up the project
For the fence
For the fence I would add desines like,flowers,suns,happy faces,and clouds.
I would sell flowers to get more MONEY!I would start my own busness that is anybody that comes to ride bike on my bike trail they will get a 1.00 lemenade!
The woods
First,I would get the wood to build the playground.Then,I would get stone for the bird bath.Next,I would get metal,a metal pole,and bird seeds.
What I would do with the woods is I would NOT cut the trees down I would grow more so I could build more things.
Making the sourounding
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