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No description

Megan Anderson

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion

What I do not like Spring 2013 Fashion reports . What I like Fashion The first store was opened in July 2000 Holister Co. The must have items at the moment Candy Pratts' price Shoes! Hot Accessories Forever 21 is a family-operated business. On April 21, 1984, shortly after moving to American from Korea, Do Wong Chang, along with his wife Jin Sook opened their first store, titled Fashion 21 in a low-income part of Los Angeles. After graduating college, his two daughters, Linda Chang and Esther Chang joined the family business and took over as the head of the Marketing Department and lead Visuals Director (respectively). Forever 21 Wet Seal Inc. I love sweatpants because their a nice comfy style that you can wear almost anywhere! I love being comfy so the Sweatpants would suit me perfectly! Sweatpants! Life Resources Black and white are coming back to be the basic look while other trends you would be buying are Peekaboo veiling, couture ruffles, and new riffs on the kimono Whats The Fashion to come? What accessory would I be? Miss Wu I like the style, It seems classy Some of the patterns are weird and just look off Fall 2012 This season they are having new designs for tops while with over size outer wear, royal brocades and head-to-toe leather Fall 2011 Trend reports The colors get bolder while styles turn into mash ups. Must have Parkas and new chic outfits Guilded Pleasures
Party The Red carpet watch A designer Items of the week! Instant Gratification This is kind of surprising because I would
never where sandals in the winter! Demin Jeans I find this style interesting because they have seem to be popular for a long long time and Its cool how its still stylish The out of Africa Necklace I found this one interesting because its a style that looks like something little children make for fun Style.com http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/theshopper/020310_Valentines_Day/ This whole outfit cost $109.50 I love Holister Co because their clothing stands out! There style is unique and know how to show off a good style. The only thing that I don't really like is how expansive the clothing can be sometimes 1991: The Wet Seal chain comprises 112 stores I like this brand they have some cute clothing but some styles are not the best looking. I like Forever 21 because they have tons of styles and clothes to choose from! Movies with some fashion $29.80 $36.90 Funny Face The Devil Wears Prada Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead Biggest Fashion icons! Lady Gaga Rachel Zoe Carine Roitfeld Michelle Obama Kate Moss Closet Protection Adornment Identification Identification Modesty Modesty Theres more!... Protection Adornment Status Adornment
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