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Danielle Hayes Graphic Design Project

Logo/business card letterhead

Danielle Hayes

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Danielle Hayes Graphic Design Project

Danielle Hayes project Hello My name is Danielle Hayes, I am a student here at Waiariki Institute of Technology. Currently studying a Certificate in Creative Arts. Pay attention, as I will try to keep this as interesting as possible. :) Learning the ways of illustrator Lines and brushes what i like to call skids :) Meet Mr and Mrs Robotics Also might i say some wicked
raindrops occurring on a sunny day.
Ha ha! SHEEP and Clouds Line portraits Playing around with the shape tool Note: Playing around a lot with the gradient Welcome to Bel air. Here is my para bomb car. Traced a BMW and this is what happens Learning more interesting stuff No Rego, No warrant, No tires.... As seen on the colour wheel Learning flash words for different colours We do listen to you when you speak In class demonstration. Pretty Swirls Why hello there contrast More exercises that we do in class Finally into the nitty gritty My idea and concept for my logo is inspired by my love and passion for photography. As i am already a well-known public figure 'that chick off that show' Im hoping to try and show others the creative side of me. Here's my font research Anyway.... As for the logo of my company i wanted it to be as proffessional as possible but with out looking too serious. Cool, Calm and Classy Putting ideas into place I liked the idea of working with positive and negative That being said i found myself mostly being satisfied with the calligraphy styled fonts and wouldn't try anything else. Look i tried something different! After a long deliberation this was the final result as shown 3 different ways The Final Design After some constructive feedback about my progression on the assignment my tutor advised me to work on my logo a little more and to do some logo research on other NZ photographers. Feedback These are just some NZ photographers and their logos Typography In class exercises Playing around with positive and negative space
Generating more ideas Learning to use the gradient/fade tool in photoshop In class activities More possible designs I then added complimentary colours to the original design and also duplicated the logo inside of it. As seen below. First definite logo design I thought i was complete after finishing this in a couple hours. Nothing too flash to it. Just a black back ground with two complimentary colours. Business Card Letterheads After 'completing' the business cards i came up with a design for my letterheads which was more cleaner and nicer looking. The design shows cleanliness and simplicity. I like it. Second and final business card design
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