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Eastern Orthodox Christianity

No description

Akshana W

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Eastern Orthodox Christianity

By: Roshiny & Neha Eastern Orthodox Christianity Origin This religion originated in Constantinople, former Byzantine Empire.
The Emperor Constantine moved from the capital of Rome to Constantinople
Evolved from a split between in the Byzantine Empire.
This split was legalized in 1054 AD The split Beliefs Monotheistic
One God
The Trinity
3 people
Father (God), Son, Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit
One of the Trinity
The divine essence
Given by Christ as a gift to the church Festivals Orthodox Christians follow the principal festivals of the Western church, but many use the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian, so that their commemorations are 13 days behind those of the West.
Every day in the calendar of the Orthodox Church is assigned remembrance of a saint or feast. Beliefs Sacred Text The bible - Can be a family heirloom
Bible is made up of 66 books, two parts; Old testament (Jewish Bible) and the New Testament (Covenant of Jesus Christ) Rituals & Icons When the Emperor died he left his empire to his two sons.
The land was divided into two halves; one ruled the western half from Rome, the second ruled the Eastern side from Constantinople
The West- Roman Catholic
The East - Greek Orthodox Eucharist
The center of worship
in order to get the strength of Christ, followers partake mystically through his body and blood
Initiator of the salvation experience
Strengthening faith in Jesus
It is gradual and lifelong
Process in which Christians become more like God Jesus
One of the Trinity
God’s son, he is fully divine and human
He died on a cross as mans savior
Belief that God has foreknowledge of mans destiny, however he does not predestine man. Symbols Symbols Festivals September 8: The Nativity of the Mother of God
 September 14: The Exaltation of the Cross
November 21: The Presentation of the Mother of God
December 25: The Nativity of Christ (Christmas)
January 6: The Baptism of Christ
February 2: The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
March 25: The Annunciation
The Sunday before Easter: Palm Sunday, Jesus' entry in Jerusalem
Forty Days after Easter: The Ascension of Christ
Fifty Days after Easter: Pentecost
August 6: The Transfiguration
August 15: The Dormition (Falling Asleep) of the Mother of God The Lamb
symbol of Christ as the Paschal Lamb and also a symbol for Christians (as Christ is our Shepherd and Peter was told to feed His sheep).
The Dove
symbol of the Holy Ghost and used especially in representations of our Lord's Baptism and the Pentecost. It also symbolizes the release of the soul in death, and is used to recall Noah's dove. Ship
As those outside of Noe's Ark were destroyed, the ship became a perfect early symbol of the Church with its associations with "the barque of Peter, the Fisherman."
the male and female elephant together represent Adam and Eve
Three nails
3 nails symbolize the Crucification. Discussion Questions 1. Do you think the East and West Christianity should, have split in two? 2. If the two sides did not split do you think the religion would be different? Discussion Questions Discussion Questions 3. Which of the festivals would you like to celebrate and why? Discussion Questions 4. What are your thoughts on Eastern Orthodox Christianity? Discussion Questions 5. What are some objects in your life that represent you as an individual?
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