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"A Cranefly in September" by Ted Hughes

No description

Leslie Perez

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of "A Cranefly in September" by Ted Hughes

Lines 1-2
"A Cranefly in September" by Ted Hughes
Lines 3-5
like an antique wain
a top- heavy ceremonial cart"
like an antique wain
Simile describing the person as old and weak.
a top- heavy ceremonial cart
is a

metaphor describing that it tries to escape but the burden overpowers him/her heavy. That is alliteration as well.

mountain summits
Traveled long distances, reaching the highest peak.
over water, dipping her tail)"
She wasn't moving on gently through the situation.

Line 6-9
But blundering

reachings, reelings
It was a shift , there is
of the word "
" which signifies enthusiasm and energy. "
means whirled feeling as if falling down. Is getting frustrated that it cannot get unstuck from the problem.
Alliteration describing how it feels after surpassing an obstacle.
collision to collision
Moving from obstacle to another, the repetition is used to demonstrate the many obstacles.
Aimless in no particular direction
It was disoriented and did not care what direction he was trying to escape by , he just wanted to be free.

Lines 10-12
exerting her last to escape
out of the overwhelming"
Giving her all to be released from whats emotionally bringing her/him down.
whatever it is
, legs, grass,"
She wants to escape all of those things that are overwhelming her.
"The garden,
the county, the country
, the world
Alliteration takes place with two similar spelled words.
The em dash is there to emphasis that the person does wants to escape from everything that is overwhelming her/him.

About Ted Hughes
20th century british poet
born in Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire in 1930
archeology and anthropology
Married American poet Sylvia Plath
Has in interest in writing about nature especially animals.

is struggling through

not flying,"
, stiff,

of limbs"
is alliteration
Basket-work of limbs
" has many limps but they are weightless.
" refers to the cranefly.
Cranefly symbolizes a person who is emotionally overwhelmed.
is a net like thing in the grass as if saying that it was stuck in the grass.
emdash used to create emphasis on that it can not fly.
Lines 13-17
rests long minutes
in the grass forest"
Shift;After a while of trying she gives up.
Like a fairytale hero
, only a
can help her."
Only a miracle could help her escape from the overwhelming situation she is facing.
"She cannot
of this forest"
Isn't comprehending the way some things turn out to be.
"In which,
for instance
, this
giant watches

It gives an example of a confusion she has;
- a human, someone of importance.
Em Dash
is used to provide additional information of the giant.
who knows she cannot be helped in any way."
The giant in this case could be referred to as a shrink who realizes that the patient has no cure or way out of her or his problem.


Lines 18-24
"Her jointed
bamboo fuselage
It is describing how she manages to escape from her problems.
shoulders, and her face"
Her shoulders were hard and strong , its a metaphor.
"Like a
pinhead dragon
, with its tender
It has and little strip of hair over the upper lip. Not grooming itself properly.
"And the simple
colourless church
windows of her wings
Alliteration and a metaphor takes place explaining how progressively the person is becoming empty and emotionless.
come to an end
, in mid-search, quite soon."
Shift; foreshadowing a sudden death
"Everything about her , every
perfected vestment
Metaphor for all her physical looks...
"Is already superfluous"
Is unnecesary , its irrelevant

Lines 25-28
monstrous excess
of her legs and
curly feet
Adjectives used to describe great amounts of.
This is saying that its been through a lot therefore its gotten use to the excess overweight on his/her shoulders.
"Are a
beyond her."
This excess amount of stress does not help her.
"The calculus of
and chitin inadequate"
The amount of problems and situations she faces are not benefiting her to the big problem she is already facing.
plot her through
the infinities of the stems."
Since she has this burden over her shoulders its hard for him/her to move on with life normally.

Lines 29-32
frayed apple leaves
, the grunting raven , the
defunct tractor
This line is describing an uncomfortable setting in which this person might be facing.
"Sunk in


wait with
their multiplications"
Are uncomfortable waiting for people to understand what they are going through.(Personification)
Alliteration is demonstrated to emphasis that they are waiting for others to join them.
Like other galaxies
The sky's northward
September procession
, the vast"
Refers to the emanation of the Holy Spirit.

Lines 33-36
The agreement
Like an empire
on the move,"
Simile for moving on without paying close attention to destruction
"Abandons her, tinily
They leave her stranded , without help.
"With her
cumbering limbs and cumbered brain."
Repetition of the word cumbered which emphasizes that she is destroyed physically and mentally.
Conflicts: She/he is faced with a big problem paired up with many other problems she/he has to deal with too.
Struggles: She/he tries to get out but obstacle get in her/his way and does not allow her to move on.
Loneliness: At the end they left her alone, without any help so she feels lonely.
There is no specific rhyme to this poem, its is structured with multiple repetitions of words and complex sentences; in which consist of similes, metaphors and symbolic references. These describe her constant struggling to get away from her problems and her consecutive failures. This poem has numerous of em dash in order to create emphasis on what is being said.
The literal meaning of this poem is that a person is viewing how a crane fly struggles to lift itself up from a form of grass mesh; It describes how it being overweight does not allow it to move forward. Analysis:
A person is facing a problem in which he or she is overwhelmed and its not letting them move forward with their life, therefore the situation takes over and he or she ends up crumbled and mentally scarred.
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