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Caffarella's Program Planning Framework

Angela Wieck

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Caffarella

By Rosemary Caffarella Interactive Model of Program Planning Discerning the Context Secure facilities
Oversee on-site arrangements
Create positive environment
Gather data for program evaluations
Monitor and make changes Coordinating Facilities and On-site Events Identify stakeholders
Cultivate support
Ensure stakeholders at planning table
Practice ethically
Spotlight on program planning (video) Building a Solid Base
of Support Specify evaluation approach - how and what
How data will be analyzed
How data will be used in future
Spotlight on program planning (video) Formulating Evaluation Plans Identifying Program
Ideas Selecting Formats, Schedules, and Staff Needs Choose format(s)
Devise a schedule
Determine staffing needs
Staff - internal or external consultants Making Recommendations and Communicating Results Examine successes and failures
Report on findings
Time the report
Brag about accomplishments in the right places
Follow-up Understand internal structure
Identify key people
Know the culture
Be aware of power dynamics
Cultivate negotiation skills
Act ethically 7 Assumptions 1. Focused on learning and change
2. Recognised non-sequential nature of planning process
3. Discerned importance of context and negotiation
4. Attended to pre-planning and last minute changes
5. Honoured and accounted for diversity and cultural differences
6. Accepted that program planners work in different ways
7. Understanding that program planners are learners Preparing Budgets and Marketing Plans Estimate expenses
Determine financing
Develop contingency budget
Prepare promotional materials
Promotional campaign What's going on?! 1. Cafarella's Interactive Model
2. Critique the model
3. Group work
4. Finale Origins of Caffarella Model Linear planning model helpful for newcomers
Programs thrown together vs carefully planned
"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" - Murphy's Law
Caffarella Model takes into account:
1. Interactive and dynamic nature of program planning
2. Working with people Scenario Description Design a nutritional program for Charles Dickens Elementary School
In your groups, do the following:
1. Review Scenario
2. Determine Roles -- show, don't tell
3. Role play to build program plan -- use checklist Roles Principal
Program Planner Identify sources to use in generating ideas
People, Responsibilities & Tasks, Organizations
Determine best ways to identify ideas Summary 1. Overview of Caffarella's program planning framework
2. Scenario and discussion
3. Finale with musical guests Sorting and Prioritizing Program Ideas Understand how priorities are defined
Select people
Analyze and sort ideas
Educational program?
Develop system for prioritizing Developing program objectives Clear program objectives (in context)
Measurable and non-measurable program outcomes
Negotiate changes in objectives Designing Instructional Plans Develop clear and understandable learning objectives
Select and sequence content
Create or assemble instructional materials
Choose instructional techniques that meet LOs
Choose evaluation techniques that meet LOs Devising Transfer of Learning Plans Timing - before, during or after program
Determine key players
Choose transfer strategies
Determine when strategies should be used
Negotiate transfer Scenario Discussion Was Caffarella's framework helpful for program planning?
How was the overall process?
Negotiation, power, hierarchy
How was the process affected by the calamity card? Calamity! New problem to work into program plan
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