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Ecotourism - A Ground Breaking Model of Tourism Management

Ecotourism 2013 - 25 years of effort to make tourism a tool for sustainable development and the challenges ahead

Megan Epler Wood

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Ecotourism - A Ground Breaking Model of Tourism Management

Ecotourism- A Ground Breaking Model of Tourism Management
Environmental Conflict
Tourists Use 10-15 times more water than local people
25 Years of Linking

Conservation & the
Well- Being of Local People
Tourism's Planetary Impact

Challenge Ahead
Environmental Threats
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Carbon Emissions
Excessive Waste
Unchecked, Unplanned Urban Growth
Threats to Ecosystems
Coral Reefs
Alpine Environments
Accelerated Tourism Growth
Why Now?
Digital Economy

Aviation Industry Growth

Community Benefits
Provides model of Shared Value with enterprise that has global importance

Has been implemented without proper business tools or management expertise

Has potential to benefit rural peoples worldwide if properly developed
Finances protected areas

Provides financial means to protect wildlife corridors

Attracts business to remote areas

Creates unique supply chains

Inspires private sector development to be
Ecologically sound
Socially responsible
A Growing Environmental Issue
Case: Zanzibar
40% tourism growth in 2011

Salinization of Wells

Locals now buy water
Only 1 hotel treats grey water
Irrigation of Gardens 50% of the problem on global level
Pools second largest problem
Tourists unaware
Instant access to ecosystems, tribal cultures and historic monuments on earth without limits -- Epler Wood
International Tourism Planning Protocols
Embraced by nations around the world
National Policies
Linking tourism growth to financing environmental management
Data-based monitoring tools
Investment in Green Infrastructure
Private Sector and Governments
Must Manage Impacts Together
With Growth Comes Responsibility
International Tourism Management
Reform Required
Efficient Use of
For more information
Megan Epler Wood
Thanks so much
TIES for this honor!
Growing environmental issue
2% of all carbon emisssions worldwide caused by aviation growing to 3%

None of the measures projected can make industry carbon neutral

Largest single win is through carbon trading

Growth of aviation
Challenge Ahead
Global tourism growth at 3-4% annually
7-9% in emerging economies

1 billion international travelers in 2012

6.5 billion domestic and international travelers in 2012
China, U.S. and France
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