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Module C : Representation and Text

The Justice Game : Geoffrey Robertson - Trials of Oz - Micheal X on Death Row Hard to hear angels whisper above the racist heartbeat Ross Gittins SMH 23/2/11

Natasha Koski

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of Module C : Representation and Text

Module C:
The Justice Game Differing Perspectives based on Age Differences Trials of Oz have two differing perspectives
- Right Wing Reactionary (eg. Judge Argyle, Leary) considered to be old school, out of date and extremely conservative
Based on your upbringing is what essentially helps to mould your views in life. Those that have a harder background are more likely to favour those similar to their beginning situation, while those with a more privelaged childhood are more likely to be less empathetic towards the less fortunate. Perspective because of different culture or backgrounds Michael X on Death Row Trials of Oz Hard to hear an angels whisper above the racist heartbeat Racism/Bias Racism and bias is a common occurence in our everyday society. This can be represented against a cultural background, social class, age or race.
Bias is present in the Trials of Oz with the comments made by Robertson very bias towards Judge Argyle due to the age difference and him being too old fashioned.
Racism can also be seen in the newspaper article with the obvious hatred that is placed towards the 'boat people' Justice Game Theatrical Ideas Descriptive Language/Animal Imagery Throughout the Justice Game Geoffery RIbertson toys with the idea of Justice being part of a well acted play, a piece of theatre that cannot be taken seriously.
Through the use of words like 'stage hand' and 'this is a courtroom not a theatre'.
This presents the audience with the idea that despite laws being put in place as rules and regulations for society to follow the idea of justice is just a well scripted play. 'Boat people must continue to be seen as monstrous invaders, never as flesh and blood.' This use of descriptive language or animal imagery can be seen in both Michael X on Death Row and Hard to hear angels whisper above the racist heartbeat. With the use of this animal imagery a negative message can be created which potrays the humans in the story (or newspaper article) as lesser beings. Giving the general illusion that they are a large threat to society and to the general masses. The Differing perspectives and bias towards the boat people is a misconception played well by the government to attract the attention and support of racist radicals as to better their popularity. '...more visible arrival of scruffy people on an overcrowded, leaky boat...threatening.' '...sweating in the heat, scratching through the wire of their concrete-floored cages, screeching and shouting at each other' Michael X on Death Row
Due to the background of a conscientious, human rights objector Geoffery can be seen to view the death penalty as a brutal, inhumane act of cruelty which must be changed as all members of society (even prisoners) deserve certain rights.
Geoffery's point of view can be seen through emotive language, descriptive language, bias comments and animal imagery.
Such as 'human sacrafice'and 'solemn, vunerable member of the living dead'.
While in the Trials of Oz Robertson makes his view easily distinguisable with the potrayal of Judge Argyle as a old fashioned, conservative judge creating an unfair advantage in the court room. Geoffery Robertson's Perspective and Aims 'The death penalty does not deter murder. On the contrary, I believe that it tends to increase by socially sanctioning violent revenge' 'Judge Argyle...looked up puzzled. "Write on...?" "Not write on - W R I T E, my lord but R I G H T on. Its a revolutionary expression." ' Michael X is a Black Liberation Activist placed on death row for the murder of two other civilians. Geoferry is sent onto the case to question the length of time a death sentence prisoner can be held as 'dead man walking'. This case is questioning the human rights that the prisnoers deserve given their certain circumstances and whether the lengthy amount of waiting time (about 5 to 10 years) is an exxageration with negative physcological and other mental/emotional side effetcs.
Geoffery never actually questions the guilt of any of the prisoners but is more consumed with the morality of the Jamaican authorities; the morality of the punishment & the general efficiency of the death penalty. Age can be a large contributing factor for the differing perspective between generations. Being brought up in different times means there is a large amount of life lessons or maturity that may be missing in the younger ages.
Alike this the older ages can be seen out of date in comparison to the current trends and conventions of our modern day society. Manipulation of the Reader Abundantly seen in all three sources, Geoferry Robertson manipulates his languaage to appeal to the audience. Such examples can be seen in Michael X on death row with Robertson using laguage to shape the opinion of the audience by victimising and make capital punishment wrong.
This also occurs in the Trials of Oz with the victimisation and satirical mocking of Judge Rgyle due to his old fashioned, conservative ways.
The editor also uses this to capture the attention of radical anti - assylum seekers with the use of 'text box highlighting'. With the use of this text box highlighting it attracts those with racist or exclucivist beliefs and near the end of the article elludes to the true reasoning behind is article, tricking readers through language techniques and clever writing skills. The Justice Game is an novel written by Geoffery Robertson providing a detailed and bias recollection of past cases that he has been involved in. The Trials of Oz creates the idea that perspectives are rarely unbiased or pure and are usually victim to some kind of manipulation from the surrondings. This area is played through the use of Rupert the Bear with an adult sexual organ edited by the infamous Oz magazine which created large amounts of controversy in the public with complaints of obscenity. Ross Gittins in this spectacular newspaper article uses cunning language features and highlighting boxes to attract racist individuals to read his article thinking its anti - assuylum seekers. As the article gets to its punch line however readers are hit with his iron-clad belief against racial slurrs for the boat people. Gittins uses stubborn, false logic to attract the readers before the true logic behind the article is read being a hostile criticism for mindless individuals absorbed with their own self absorbed beliefs.
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