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Razer Katana

Hello dear Razerguy, I've made this for you.

Mark Brezina

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Razer Katana

Hello Dear Razerguy You might like to know who I am and why I'm writing to you.

I'm Mark Brezina and I wrote to you once before regarding a design project.

I'd like for you to watch this presentation, as it will show both my thoughts, ideas, deepest wishes and future plans. Which are all connected to Razer what will be presented here? > who am I?
> why am I writing to you?
> what is Codename Katana?
> what do I need?
> why would you have
anything to do with any of this? Who am i? Dear Razerguy.

I'm Mark Brezina, I wrote to you once before regarding if you had any old or broken Razer Blades, now I've looked a bit further into it, I've made a design which I find will be fitting for the Razer blade I'd like to design for you guys.

I will tell you shortly who I am and what I'm doing currently. I'm a young man from Denmark,
I live in the capital called Copenhagen,
Currently I'm staying at a design school in the southern part of Denmark (called Sønderjylland) We're going to have a big product design exam later this year, so my thought were, if I make a good design, I'll get good grades, if I get good grades I get better possibilities, if I get better possibilities I get better jobs. You might surely know how that works. But just as well as I wish to get a better future,I wish and have always wished to create a better, more happy future for gamers alike myself, I've got the dream of making a mark(if not big, then small) upon the gaming community of the world, and the way I could do that would be to make a stunning design for the Razer Blade, which could be used to both get more customers to Razer as well as giving the Gamers a better gaming laptop. If I get a good grade at this years product exam I'll have the chance of getting some nice contacts, I believe the school perhaps will tell people from outside the school to come and check out our projects and products, and if anybody like the design I'll have the chance of getting hired or perhaps even better of getting very good contacts for later use.

now you may think, what do YOU get out of this? I'll tell you this, you'll be rewarded with the nice thought, that you've helped somebody a very lot. Except from that, YOUR product will be in the spotlight all the time, I'll tell the story to everyone, that The mighty Razer has given me a chance, and that people should choose YOUR products, not only because of quality and luxury, but also because the people behind Razer is worth supporting. That sometimes YOU guys give young talented and people, with dreams and hopes, the chance of fulfilling their dreams also I'm not the type of guy to run around doing shit.
I'll protect the Blade as if it was my own or perhaps a better example would be: If I ever were to come across a Razer Blade I would treat it alike I treat my Tiamat headset, I polish it ever time I've used it and I brush off any dirt which has been placed upon it (do you know that feeling? a little bit like having your own little treasure of gold)

I'd like to test out your product to be assured what it's capable of doing, but that is only to be assured that I would be able to recommend it's performance, which I'm pretty sure will be above my expectations. But that's all, after that I'll pack it in bubblewrap and save it in a spot where people can't steal it. Afterwards when my project is reaching the finish line I'll pack it in the box used for it and then I'll "show it off" when the presentations come around, then whenever people ask what it is I'll answer simple and easy "it's a redesigned Razer Blade, this isn't for sale, but perhaps it will be ask Razer about it" and in that way, you guys will be able to decide whether a normal Razer Blade is fit for fight or you might wish to start production. Why am I writing to you? I'm writing to you because my dream ( as I might have mentioned before ) is to redesign the Razer Blade into something even more powerful and stunning then before(or atleast give the best try I've got) and my hope were that I'd have a chance of getting my dream fulfilled, by contacting you

It's as simple as that. What is codename Katana? Codename Katana is the name I've given the design project for the Razer blade design, in that way I'm able to keep all my activity regarding this project organized.

Basicly it is the new Razer Blade design. I chose to give the new design a new refreshed name, which should indicate to customers as well as users that the Razer Blade had become even more advanced.

The reason why I chose Katana was that most people around the world know of The Mighty Katana, the weapon which samurais used to defend themselfs and to slaughter endlessly. The Katanas of japan are and were the most infamous blades of all time, they're known for their sharpness, power and strength. Their simply said, The most powerful blades of all. My ideas behind codename Katana are simple, it would take to much time creating a totally new product, I would be needing a great amount of money and it really isn't what I want right now. I want to redesign a good product and make it even better! My first idea was to make The Blade even more stable, so it would last for a longer period of time (you might know that laptops slowly worsen their performance) so users could use The Blade even after the presumed "expiration" date.

But I found that this idea was nearly impossible as the technology we have right now isn't good enough for this to happen. Therefore I figured a way to make it seem as if this idea would happen anyway.

my second idea was to boost The Blade's original performance and change the layout and theme related to The Blade, so the users would feel that The Redesigned Blade was better, sharper and stronger then the usual blades was. This is The Idea I'm running on now. I'm not quite sure whether I should just jump head into telling you the full design idea and all the background info or if I should just drop the background info and get on with telling the design idea?
I think I'll make the background info short and then continue on. I'll make it simple and if you like what I'm telling you, I recommend psychology, it's an exciting science.

So... I'll start with the square, circle, triangle analysis.

If an object is made up of squares, the person looking at it and using it will feel that the object is very strong, heavy, withstanding and overall very much like one big block of stone.

If an object is made up of circles or has a lot of round shapes. The user will then find that the object is smooth, light(weight), soft and unharmful

If an object is made up of triangles or has sharp edges. The user will find that the object is fast, sharp, dangerous, slightly lighter then normal objects(weight) and harmful

that is the analysis of shapes. But then there is colors, signs & symbols, light & dark and materials

Colors effect people in the way that every color as you may know has a meaning to the mind.
Red means violance, blood, sex, lust, desires, love, the human body and the human passion as a general.
Yellow means happiness, wisdom, intelligence, joy.
blue means truth, peace, meditation, spirituallity and religious concerns.
white means peace, happiness, joy, passion, purity, cleaness and that is good (you could picture it as an overall feeling of being in a good place)
black means death, earth, depression, utter danger, sickness and other death and danger related subjects(you could picture it as an overall feeling of something dangerous or something able to put you in danger anytime)

the light and darkness effects us in the way that, if something is bright we feel that it is good, if something is dark, we feel that it will hurt us. If something is too dark, we'll abandon it in time, if something is too bright we'll feel blinded by it and abandon it in time.

materials are important as we always enjoy having a nice feeling of the object, if the object is soft, we'll be happy, if it is hard we'll think it is able to withstand if it is sharp, we'll think it's able to cut things.

therefore these things always have meaning and we always consider colors, signs, shapes, light & darkness no matter if we're conscious about it or not. So now you understand the basics, if you didn't already know these things, then you know now.

The design I've made is based on these things. I've chosen to repaint The Blade and it has to be white, to be more precise it has to be silvery white. The reason for this is that I want for users to feel joy and peace, when using The Blade, also what isn't described is that people feel that white and shiny things remind them of future, technology and science.

I've chosen to keep the rounded edges, even though I had been thinking of sharpening the edges, when forming the idea for the concept, I figured that it only would cause people to feel uncomfortable when using the Blade.

the materials are all like they should be, the only thing which might help is to add cushions on the front of the laptop. So users will get the feeling of it being even more luxurious then before.

I've chosen to add dragons and snake like creatures to both sides of the screen. I was trying to get it as asian like as possible, because the word Katana reminds people of Asia and Japan. Then it would only help the users associate the new blade with the old stories of samurais, ninjas and katanas. What do I need? I need a few couple of things from you, the rest I'll get by myself.

I will be buying sprey cans, polishing cloth, cushions(if needed) packaging, transport, papers, printing and purchase of redesigned papers, guides, packaging and "others". Also if you guys would like to, then I'll buy an Orochi for redesigning

the only things I'll need from you guys is 1 piece of Razer Blade, Razer Blade adapter, Razer Blade battery. In case that YOU disagree with my above needs, then I'll have to make my best attempt at designing one made of wood, plastic or perhaps get it made from a 3D-printer... But all of these things will be a lot harder to get done and it will take double the time.

I will be buying these things and I'll be doing my best to treat all of these things with the respect and hard work needed for it to become a serious product. Though The Reason why I'd ever have The Idea of asking for the chance to get my hands on one of blades, was because I thought that it would be better to show you what I'm thinking by showing you the concept in reality, not because I don't think that you people would be able to imagine how it should be looking, but because, then it would already have been done for you. Why would you have anything to do with any of this? what do YOU and Razer get out of this? you and razer get three things. first of the only one who wins on this redesigning is YOU and Razer as a whole, the only reason why I'm offering this deal to you, is because else then I'd make it my own home project for when I get older. I only thought that Razer might like for their fans to do some of their work for them, for free. The second reason is that the advertising for Razer in Denmark isn't really existing, therefore I thought to advertise YOU while having something exciting to advertise, so when The Blade hits our area, people will know that they NEED to buy it. Except from that comes the last thing, granting somebody their greatest wish. It would be my greatest dream. I would be ever in your debt. I remember you told me you would like to see some photos of what I was thinking for the design, isn't that right?

this is actually about all i had to say, so the last part of this presentation is the pictures and the description of them. this was my first thought, the blade had to be bright and have seemingly futuristic colors
this was my was the continued idea, it had to be good, shiny, bright and intriguing, therefore I added the dragons. They should lead the user to believe that the snakes in the Razer would be guiding him/her. now this should be the same blade idea, just from another view. this was the front view of the same idea, the name and advertising will be used in the final concept. this is the first illustration of my final idea.
the meaning of this picture is to illustrate that the spot, which normally has a blade text. In this way people will feel that it's a new product or rather an upgraded product. this is the illustration of how the design should be looking like from the back of the laptop. the green dragon is there to add more feeling of an more asian, but also futuristic feeling this is the illustration of what I'd call the naked view of the blade, this is viewed from the point which is the first you'll ever get of The Product when you unpack it. this is the final illustration of the Actual design I wanted to make. In all of the illustrations I've chosen a bright metal color, because people usually think that it makes a good color for futuristic designs. Also I've changed the location of the two snakes, as the people who I've spoken to regarding this project of mine, thinks that it looks better this way(I do myself as well think it's better like this) this was my main idea for the front page of the Razer Katana guide, I believe I missed the Razer Blade Initial Setup Guide... Sadly, but then you'll also be able to think weither or not, the katana should be an addition to the Razer Blade line or if it should be a product by itself. these should be the catalogs, userguides, stickers and fliers holders for the Razer Katana. at last I'd like to thank you for reading all of this.
But I'd also like to remind you, that if you think this is a fine presentation, then The Katana itself would be this times a hundred, when I send it to you in its totally new box, together with all the new and fancy stuff I've redesigned. Also it would be an honour to ever do something this big for Razer. I'll be forever in your as well as Razer's debt.

Thank you for reading and thank you for making Razer.

For Gamers. By Gamers!
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