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GATSBY Philosophical Chairs

No description

Amber Derbidge

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of GATSBY Philosophical Chairs

The Great Gatsby Why do we keep reading a depressing book about the illusions of happiness and shattered dreams? Start: Consider the topic
Argue the merits of the positions and make a decision or stay, temporarily,
"in the middle" NO YES You do not agree with the statement. You agree with the statement. Philosophical Chairs RELATED IDIOMS WE KNOW:
On "the American dream" and "pie in the sky"
"With all the talk about immigration these days, you hear about 'the American dream,' but what is the American dream and where did that come from? Well, 'the American dream' actually originated [in] Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville, which was published in 1835, but the term may be even of earlier origin. And it's the notion that living in the United States would enable prosperity. Of course, to some extent this becomes 'pie in the sky,' another Americanism ...

" 'Pie in the sky' comes from a song that was written by the WW [Industrial Workers of the World] — the Wobblies, they were called, an early American union — in 1911. It was a rallying song, and it [went], 'Work and pray, live on hay, you'll get pie in the sky when you die.'
And of course that was taken up as an idiom to mean an empty wish or promise. What good is pie in the sky? You want something here. Directions: Philosophical Chairs
REMEMBER: Like an argumentative essay, it's mandatory that you provide proof (in this case, textual evidence,) to back up your position. Link your detail to your position. (Want bonus points? In addition to Gatsby, you may add another text or specific topic covered in this class to further strengthen your cause.)

Be sure you understand the central statement or topic before you decide where you stand on the issue.

Only one speaker at a time. You must have the owl. Once you have expressed your ideas you must for 3 new speakers before you beckon the owl again.

Briefly summarize the previous speaker's argument before you give your response.

When you speak be sure to address the ideas not the person(s) sitting on the other side.

Keep an open mind and move if you change your stance on the topic.

Put away your cell phones.

To explore and analyze the themes in Gatsby while also expanding our argumentative abilities. The Great Gatsby demonstrates the emptiness and moral vacuum created by the decadence and wealth of capitalism. Is the American Dream open to every person?

Is it still alive today? Can money buy love? Can it buy happiness?
Are people truly successful if they cheat to get there?

Are affairs okay if it is more than lust? Does true love justify disloyalty to a spouse? Does love need to be reciprocated in order for it to exist?

Is greed more powerful than love or just another version of it?
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