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BMW Globalization Marketing Strategy

No description

Louis's Sign

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of BMW Globalization Marketing Strategy

BMW Globalization Marketing Strategy
Question 3. Do you think BMW’s global marketing strategy meets the requirements of the concept of globalization as described in this chapter?
Anonymous ,(n.d), Profile : BMW, [Online], Available at :
[Accessed on: 30th September 2013].
Jamie LaReau , (2011), Ford's global marketing plan starts with Focus, [Online], Available at :
[Accessed on: 30th September 2013].
Norihiko Shirouzo , (2013), GM rethinks emerging market strategy, hedges on China partner, [Online], Available at :
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Introduction (Bavarian Motor Works)
Founded by
Franz Josef Popp
One of the Ten Largest Car Manufacturers
Aims = Generate profitable growth and above-average returns by focusing on the
premium segments
of the international automobile markets.
2001 BMW Group
expanding its product range
and strengthening its worldwide market position.
The company’s
brand is extremely strong
( high performance, engineering excellence innovation.)
Premium segments
in automobile manufacturer, making it the only multibrand automobile manufacturer in the world.
Eg. Small to Absolute-Luxury.
Less Expensive to Luxury.

Worldwide strategy,
Mass customization
: tailoring products, prices, and distribution for customers’s personal selection.
Eg. product diversification of BMW product lines
3 series : $20000 to $50000
5 series : $40000 to $50000
6 series : $60000 to $70000

Question 1 : How has BMW developed such a successful international marketing strategy?
Question 2 : How would you compare BMW’s worldwide marketing strategy with that of American car manufacturers, such as Ford and General Motors?
Ford : Focus Strategy (Drive for One Ford)
Free of regional barriers
that can create global products sharing design, parts and engineering for a single Ford brand.

-Expertise in marketing
cars similar
in size

-Ford says all future vehicle launches will follow a
similar approach

BMW : Segments and Customization
Focus strategy only can target few segment of market (
Less customers, less product choices and less sales
General Motors
(Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC.)
Global Partnership

-France's PSA Peugeot Citroen

-SAIC, one of China's biggest auto makers, joint venture brands in China with Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE)

Compare Ford and General Motors with BMW
Partnership strategy must rely on partner (
divided sales, less profit and bound by partner or contract
Yes, I am agree.
Define Globalization
-Expanding company business activities to another countries.

-Adapt to many culture, different supply and demand, and able to make profits in other countries
Why Agree?
BMW adapt to different demand in different culture
-Adapt and able to sell to different Segments, small to big

-Provide customization for different kind of customers preferences

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