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Luxury Marketing - Burj Al Arab

No description

Laure Sleven

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Luxury Marketing - Burj Al Arab

Rarity: either forced by limited offers or distribution or both;
Use of 5 senses: hedonistic experience involving taste, sound, sight, touch and smell with a hostility towards dehumanizing high-tech;
Privileged relation with the past: history and tradition, very far from the fad of fashion;
Uselessness and futility: the product has no useful function.

Focus on the use of the 5 senses we offer everything mankind can imagine. Goods can be perceived as luxurious for different reasons and characteristics:
Quality: excellent quality precious raw materials used or the elaborated and long processes used
Price: high price comparisons to Expansion plans Bahrain
Thailand Introduction SWOT Maslow Pyramid Luxury Pyramid Burj Al Arab Luxury Marketing Laila Bouallouch
Riet Thielens
Laure Sleven » 7 stars
» Location
» Atmosphere
» Well trained staff
» Luxurious combination:
Asia – European Style » Too much expansion = not exclusive anymore
» Big distance between Hotel and Airport & city center
» Too hot during summer
» Limited space for future new things
» No casino
» No Wi-Fi strenghts weaknesses opportunities » Extension of the city
» Development of tourism
» Development of business field
» Expand services to people who are not customers of the Hotel threats » Direct competition with 5 star Hotels
» Oil crisis Repositioning of the brand 4 p's The hotel has the plan to expand to other countries as well, as said before but we don’t think this is a wise idea because they will lose its exclusivity and it will become too accessible. products or services with similar functions; All the extra services place the Hotel at ‘The Griffe’ level
‘life experience’ Repositioning of the brand target group Main target: baby boomers
Not our only target group we serve all the people who want to have a life changing experience Repositioning of the brand extra services offered Millionaires matchmaking club: the right husband/wife material. No waiting list, just pay the fee to enter the club (30.000 euro’s per year).
For our exclusive members: a trip to the moon (price tag: 120 million euros). Repositioning of the brand the end users In luxury, the “field of competition is much wider, it is that of the dream and the gift” and “hedonism takes precedence over functionality, in contrast to the upper range or premium” (Kapferer, p. 163).
Today: luxury end user is the multi-millionaire who wants to splurge on new “adventure” so why not give him/her a playground to further enjoy himself/herself? Repositioning of the brand promotion No commercials
Mouth-to-mouth promotion via our current customers exclusivity
‘special’ invitation carts for some people which we think are worth to access our services (Bill Gates, Donald trump and many other business people mostly) All-suite luxury hotel
321 meters
On a man-made island
In-suite check-in
Private reception desk on every floor
Butlers on call around the clock
Chauffeurs driving Rolls Royce
Helicopter transfers members of the hotel Luxury goods: normally self-actualization
Luxury services: more than one level
Psychiological: hotel needs to "feed" their guests, provide comfort sleep, basic hygiene
Safety: guests need to feel secure, safe and need to have the idea to be in an safe environment (hotel key, reception, emergency maps, trustworthy staff, ...)
Love/belonging: distinguish themselves, exlusive clubs
Esteem: show achievements in life to others, respect and recognition
Self-actualization: use experience to shape identity Thank you for your attention
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