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Anglo-Saxon & Beowulf

background in preparation for reading the epic poem

Angela Speach

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Anglo-Saxon & Beowulf

Anglo-Saxons Beowulf Define "hero" How has the concept of a "hero" changed over time? What is the most heroic thing you've ever done or had someone do for you? But first... there was the Romans... Julius Caesar sailed to Britain in 55 B.C. to assert power. But the Britons already were a thriving population They were skilled in agricuture and metalwork And even took their cue from the druids in learning and literature from the druids. Despite being no match for the Romans, they grew to depend on their conquerors. The Romans offered
them protection, roads,
writing and Christianity When the Romans left to tend to their crippling empire, Britain was left alone and vulnerable. But the Anglo-Saxons endured.... They utilized with the Romans left them with and become an agricultural people. But the other invaders brought their own influences upon the Anglo-Saxons, particularly WRYD, or fate - and their admiration for heroic warriors. Here come the Vikings... These violent invaders devastated the country for years, causing violent battles as different people fought for the throne. But with them did come influence as well, primarily language William the Conqueror Did you get all that? Let's recap..... Epic Poetry Read through and annotate the text on Anglo-Saxon history and answer your IN questions. A long narrative poem that celebrates a hero's deeds. Kennings
poetic synonyms,
descriptive phrases,
compound word that
substitutes for a noun. i.e. whale-path = ocean Epithets: adjectives that point out special traits of particular person's or things. Modern day epics Epic Poetry traits These traits must be present. But it all started with one poem. . . .
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