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UNDP Digital Good - Multiple Smaller Donations

UNDP is engaging with individuals to bring them into a deeper and more interactive relationship with the organization. Join the passionate global community of UNDP supporters today!

Simon van Woerden

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of UNDP Digital Good - Multiple Smaller Donations

Official Development Assistance from governments, traditionally UNDP's largest source of revenue, is coming under pressure.
Whereas some parts of the UN raise up to 32% of their budget from individual donations, the non-state slice of UNDP's budget pie is less than 2%.
Fact 1:
Fact 2:
Digital Good
With the generous support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to take advantage of this opportunity in such a crucial phase for international development, UNDP is launching "Digital Good".
Fact 3:
Engagement with youth is a key objective for UNDP, in Saudi Arabia, the region, and the world. Millennials want to be a part of the causes they believe in. They want to share their time, their ideas, their inspiration and, increasingly, their financial resources.
UNDP Digital Good will use cutting edge technology, creative marketing, and community engagement to build a global family of supporters, and raise multiple smaller donations.
At the very heart of Digital Good is the engagement of UNDP with its community of supporters, and vice versa.

Trust, transparency, direct contact, and personal interaction are key concepts.
Digital Good members will be able to support UNDP in different areas, both geographical and thematic. For example, they can choose to focus on one of the Sustainable Development Goals, or on the Arab world, or on poverty reduction.

Through Digital Good they will be able to learn about our work and become advocates themselves. They can support us with donations. They can even become Digital Good heroes themselves, by participating actively in a variety of ways.
Based on user profiles and sophisticated data, Digital Good will be able to provide a tailored experience to each individual member. Whether they want to support a specific Sustainable Development Goal or region, whether they use desktop or prefer mobile: the Digital Good members will have full power to decide their personal mode of engagement.
Digital Good is the journey that young supporters of international development and UNDP embark on together.

Whether it's in Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Arab world, or across continents and oceans: the Digital Good Heroes will be there with UNDP. To tell our stories, build support, mobilize funds and take action.
The coming years will be pivotal for UNDP
and for international development as a whole.
In September, UN member states will launch the Global Goals. These goals will guide the worldwide improvement and protection of our planet and its people over the next 15 years.
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